Happy Birthday Mingyu: Rapper, visual, race car driver, athlete, more; Exploring talents of SEVENTEEN's versatile member

Celebrating 27th birthday of the multi-talented Mingyu of SEVENTEEN! From rap skills to racing, he's a visual powerhouse with diverse talents. Read on!

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SEVENTEEN's Mingyu; Image Courtesy: PLEDIS Entertainment
SEVENTEEN's Mingyu; Image Courtesy: PLEDIS Entertainment
Key Highlight
  • SEVENTEEN's Mingyu celebrates 27th birthday
  • Exploring the diverse talents of SEVENTEEN's multi-talented member Mingyu

Today marks the celebration of the 27th birthday of the multi-talented Mingyu from SEVENTEEN! Renowned for his exceptional rap skills and captivating visuals, Mingyu is a true powerhouse in the world of K-pop. Beyond his musical prowess, he's also delved into the world of racing, showcasing his diverse talents and leaving fans in awe. Join us in honoring this extraordinary artist on his special day!

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu turns 27

Kim Mingyu, born on April 6, 1997, in Anyang, Gyeonggi Do, South Korea, often referred to simply as Mingyu, stands as a multifaceted talent within the dynamic landscape of K-pop. As the main rapper, visual, and face of the renowned boy group SEVENTEEN under Pledis Entertainment, Mingyu has left an indelible mark on the industry since his debut on May 26, 2015, with the mini-album 17 Carat.

His journey in the entertainment world began with rigorous training in 2011, during which he honed his skills and charisma. Mingyu's presence was notable even before his debut, as he appeared in the music videos of labelmates such as NU'EST's Face. Since then, Mingyu has continually captivated audiences with his magnetic stage presence, effortlessly blending his rap skills with his striking visuals.



Beyond his musical endeavors, Mingyu has showcased his versatility in various realms. From his involvement in SEVENTEEN's rap unit to his interest in visual arts, Mingyu continually surprises and delights fans with his diverse talents. Alongside fellow member Wonwoo, Mingyu shares a close bond, adding depth to SEVENTEEN's camaraderie.

Mingyu's artistic endeavors extend beyond the stage, as evidenced by his participation in art exhibitions and his penchant for photography. His passion for film and visual arts underscores his creative spirit and adds another layer to his persona.

With his towering stature, left-handedness, and penchant for collecting glasses, Mingyu's individuality shines through. His contributions to SEVENTEEN's discography, including his involvement in writing songs like Snap Shoot, further solidify his position as a vital member of the group.

Exploring Mingyu’s wide range of talents

SEVENTEEN's Mingyu is renowned not only for his visuals and versatility as an idol but also for his remarkable array of talents and attributes. Beyond his prowess in the entertainment industry, Mingyu possesses skills and qualities that could easily lead to success in various other career paths. Despite his multitude of talents, Mingyu is balanced by a charmingly clumsy personality and a streak of unfortunate luck, which only serve to enhance his endearing appeal. Here's a glimpse into Mingyu's myriad abilities, solidifying his status as a true all-rounder and a shining star in the world of K-pop.

1. Rapper/Musician/Dancer/Guitarist

Mingyu, a vital member of SEVENTEEN's hip-hop team, earns his moniker as the ‘rap god’ from his peers through his exceptional skills on the mic. His raspy yet velvety voice exudes a comforting warmth, complementing his sunny demeanor. As a dancer, Mingyu's movements are charming, enhancing the impact of his striking visuals on stage.

Beyond his talents as a rapper and dancer, Mingyu's musical talents extend to playing the guitar, further showcasing his versatility as a musician. With the ability to excel in any role within an idol group, Mingyu stands as a true multitalented artist.

2. Photography/Videography/Editing

Known as 'the photographer of the team' among SEVENTEEN members, Mingyu's passion for photography shines through in his captivating compositions and artistic eye. He not only directed and photographed SEVENTEEN's GOING magazine but also proposed and spearheaded the idea of creating their own magazine, demonstrating his leadership and creative vision.


In the realm of videography, Mingyu's skills are equally impressive. He took on the roles of director, videographer, and editor for SEVENTEEN's music video Snap Shoot, showcasing his ability to bring vibrant concepts to life. Mingyu's multifaceted talents make him a true asset to the group, leaving fans in awe of his versatility and dedication to his craft.

3. Sports/Athletics

Despite his occasional clumsiness, Mingyu possesses exceptional athleticism and is adept at various sports. Renowned as one of the strongest members of SEVENTEEN, he effortlessly carries his teammates and demonstrates remarkable physical prowess.

Mingyu harbors aspirations of becoming a race car driver in the future, a dream he is actively pursuing by acquiring a license alongside his teammate DK, adding another dimension to his already impressive repertoire of talents.

4. Home management/Craftsmanship

Mingyu's adeptness in home management and craftsmanship shines through despite his occasional clumsiness. Accustomed to dorm life from a young age, he effortlessly takes on cooking and household chores for his fellow SEVENTEEN members. Even in the challenging task of cooking for 13 people, Mingyu rises to the occasion, ensuring everyone is well-fed.

Additionally, his meticulous attention to detail extends to his craftsmanship, as he displays a knack for repairing items he accidentally breaks. Mingyu's resourcefulness and skill earned him the affectionate nickname ‘MingGyver’ during his time on Law of the Jungle, highlighting his ability to improvise and excel even in remote and demanding situations.

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