Find Out What Is Kyle Richards' Favorite Memory From WWHL As The Reality Star Reveals

Kyle Richards holds a record as one of the most frequent guests on WWHL, according to reports, she has been on the show 36 times alongside different guests.

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Kyle Richards (Instagram)
Kyle Richards (PC: Instagram)

In the glittering realm of reality TV, Kyle Richards is known for her role in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH).  She has been a frequent guest on Watch What Happens Live (WWHL) over the years. Richards has had many memorable moments on Bravo’s WWHL with Andy Cohen.

Recently, she shared a special moment she holds dear from her time on the show. Let’s delve into why this particular moment means so much to Kyle, and what makes it unforgettable for her.

Kyle’s fondest memory from WWHL

Kyle Richards 55 is the last original star remaining from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She has graced the WWHL Clubhouse alongside various stars over the years. During a recent interview with PEOPLE, she revealed her most cherished memory from the show at the Posse Pride Party.

When asked about her favorite moment from the show, she recalled a special episode with her former co-star Camille Meyer. Together, they re-enacted a memorable scene from their early days on RHOBH. “Oh my God, there are so many. But the one time when Camille and I played each other and re-enacted our iconic scene in N.Y.C., that was hilarious,” said Kyle.


Kyle and Camille’s iconic moment

She exclaimed, “You’re such a f—king liar, Camille.” This took place during a segment called Clubhouse Playhouse. It was a segment where guests recreated famous scenes from Bravo TV shows. Adding a playful twist, Kyle and Camille donned wigs and portrayed each other during the skit.

“I’m a horrible blonde, Andy,” Richards quipped. “And I’m a terrible brunette,” Meyer chimed in during their performance. The audience also loved this recreated scene as it left them in stitches. Well, Richards holds an impressive record as one of the most frequent guests on WWHL. She has made a total of 36 appearances on the show, as per IMDb.

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The energy of WWHL

Andy Cohen, the charismatic host of WWHL, is known for creating a lively atmosphere on set. Kyle’s RHOBH co-star, Gracelle Beauvais, who has made 15 appearances on the show once shared his experience. He said, “My favorite part is just getting to the studio. And comes in and sometimes we do shots. It’s so much energy and it’s so great. It’s really fun! I love it there.”


Andy Cohen, the lively host of WWHL, shared his thoughts during a Tribeca Talks event about the show’s 15-year anniversary. He compared the show to fishing, where he picks questions that could surprise guests. He chooses questions that could lead to some exciting stories, which the audience wants to hear.

Cohen described it as opening a Pandora’s box. When he finds a question he likes on his cards, he really gets excited to ask it. Yes, because these questions make the guests tell unexpected behind-the-scenes stories. It also helps keep the show in the news.

Kylie and Camille: The frenemies

Despite their dramatic history on the show, Kyle Richards and Camille Meyer have patched things up. Leaving behind their past conflicts, both of them now share a cordial relationship. Camille also makes occasional appearances on RHOBH as a guest or friend, after departing the show following Season 12.

Throughout her tenure at WWHL, Kyle has made numerous appearances. Some memorable ones were alongside, Chloë Grace Moretz, Molly Shannon, Simon Baker, and more. You can watch WWHL every weeknight on Bravo. Meanwhile, Season 14 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently under production. Although there’s no official release date announced yet, fans remain very excited.


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What is Kyle Richards' favorite memory from WWHL?
Kyle Richards' favorite memory from Watch What Happens Live (WWHL) is when she and her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star, Camille Meyer, re-enacted their iconic scene from New York City.

How many times has Kyle Richards appeared on WWHL?
According to reports, Kyle Richards has appeared on WWHL a total of 36 times. She holds a record as one of the most frequent guests on the show, sharing the Clubhouse with various celebrities and Bravo stars over the years.

How does Andy Cohen create a lively atmosphere on WWHL?
Andy Cohen, the host of WWHL, is known for his charismatic presence and ability to create a lively atmosphere. He often engages guests in fun activities like shots before the show, contributing to the energetic vibe of the Clubhouse.

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