Lisa Vanderpump Reveals What She Thinks Of Kicking Out Kyle Richards From Her House I Iconic RHOBH Fight

Lisa Vanderpump recently opened up about an incident in an interview recently. Fans know that Lisa and Kyle were great friends but the duo had to go separate ways after a big argument. Keep reading to find out what Lisa said about Kyle recently.

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Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards (Instagram)
Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards (Instagram)

In 2018, Lisa Vanderpump appeared on a TV show called "Watch What Happens Live!" hosted by Andy Cohen. During the show, she talked about a big argument she had with Kyle Richards. Lisa explained that she asked Kyle to leave her fancy Beverly Hills house during the argument. She said she felt good about it and didn’t regret her decision. This event was a major moment on their TV show, "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," and it led to the end of Lisa and Kyle's long friendship.

Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards went separate ways: End of friendship

Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards were really good friends on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" for many years. Their friendship started to fall apart in 2018. It all began when Kyle accused Lisa of sharing a negative story about another friend from the show, Dorit Kemsley, with the media. Lisa denied doing this, but Kyle didn’t believe her. 

This accusation hurt their friendship so much that they couldn’t fix it. After this, Lisa found it hard to keep filming the show with Kyle and decided to leave. In 2019, she announced that she was leaving the show after being a part of it for nine seasons. Her departure was a big deal because she was one of the main stars of the show.

Lisa Vanderpump talks about Dorit Kemsley

Lisa Vanderpump is known for saying what she thinks, and she didn’t hold back during her TV appearance with Andy Cohen. They played a game called "Do You Regret It?" where Andy asked Lisa if she regretted how she handled a photoshoot with Dorit Kemsley. Lisa made a joke about how much Dorit’s appearance had changed, saying she wouldn't recognize her from her original looks. This shows that Lisa often makes bold statements that can stir up reactions from people.


During the same show, Lisa also talked about Dorit’s personal life and mentioned her marital problems with her husband, Paul "PK" Kemsley. Lisa said she wasn’t surprised to hear they were having trouble because she knew from mutual friends that they had been separated on and off for a long time. Despite their past issues, Lisa hoped that Dorit and PK could work through their problems and stay together.

Lisa's willingness to speak openly about sensitive topics keeps her interesting to the public. This approach has helped her maintain her popularity long after leaving "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Her ability to mix personal insight with public commentary shows how reality TV stars often continue to influence their audiences even when they're no longer on the show. Lisa’s ongoing openness and strong personality make sure that she stays relevant in the world of entertainment.

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