How Did Ben Affleck React To Question About Britney Spears After Pop Star's Shocking Makeout Claim? Find Out

When a photographer asked Affleck about Britney Spears’ Instagram post about them, the actor was not amused and his expression said it all.

Published on Feb 12, 2024  |  12:34 PM IST |  55.8K
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Britney Spears and Ben Affleck

It is very clear to the public now that Ben Affleck did not care for Britney’s social media stunt, and the actor was definitely not amused. When asked about Britney’s post on a day out, Affleck’s expression quickly turned sour.

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What did Britney post about her and Affleck? 

Britney Spears has made her way back to the spotlight again as one of her now-deleted social media posts is making a splash. The Toxic singer posted an old black and white picture of herself, Ben Affleck and Diane Warren on 7th February. But her fans were more interested in the caption than the actual photo. 

In the caption, the singer called Affleck an amazing actor and praised the star: "Did I forget to mention I made out with Ben that night? I honestly forgot… Wow, that's crazy!!!" Even though it was said in a mostly joking manner, the caption made waves as the singer also added, "I wish I could share the story that happened before that! Oh well, I'm just being a gossip girl! Oh, and by the way, I forgot !!"


Fans were really excited about this new revelation and even though Spears deleted the post, it did not stop the gossip train from going crazy. Fans are guessing that Briteny might have been very briefly involved with Affleck before she began her relationship with Justin Timberlake in 1999. But it was clearly not too important as Britney did not talk about her and Affleck’s kiss in her memoir The Woman in Me.

How did Ben Affleck react to the news? 

There is no way to truly know how Ben Affleck, now Jennifer Lopez’s husband, might have reacted after seeing Britney’s caption, but he clearly wasn't happy about being asked questions about it. As he was spotted by a cameraman going about his day in the morning, the superstar was all smiles, but that changed soon.

When the photographer suddenly asked the actor about Britney’s post and what he thinks about it, his demeanor changed to something more blank, as his smile vanished. Though he did not make any comments about the matter, it was clear that he was uncomfortable talking about it and definitely did not find the bomb that Britney dropped amusing.

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How old is Britney Spears now?
Britney Spears is now 42 years old.

How old is Ben Affleck?
Ben Affleck is 51 years old.

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