Interview With The Vampire Season 3 Showrunner Rolin Jones Teases Muscial Journey For Lestat And More

In Interview with the Vampire Season 3, Lestat goes on an exciting new journey as a rock star. Showrunner Rolin Jones hints at big plans for this musical twist.

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Interview with the Vampire (Youtube/AMC+)

After the recent finale of Interview with the Vampire Season 2, showrunner Rolin Jones has dropped hints about an intriguing new direction for Lestat in Season 3.

The 2022 TV series based on Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles has been confirmed for a third season. Comicbook Reports that Jones discussed what’s next for Lestat De Lioncourt, played by Sam Reid. The end of Season 2 left fans eager to know more about Lestat and Louis's future.

Showrunner Rolin Jones hints at new direction in Season 3 


Jones teased that Lestat will board on a music career in the upcoming season, saying, "Lestat becomes a rock star. Let's start there." He further mentioned to CBR that, "We're going to do a lot with that and are excited about potentially working with Daniel Hart, who's done the music for the first two seasons. We're going to try to beat Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Rocky Horror. We're about to try to make a little pop masterpiece."

Jones also shared his thoughts on Anne Rice’s books, which have a dedicated fanbase. He acknowledged the success of Interview with the Vampire and other adaptations like Mayfair Witches. 

Jones told the outlet, "The deeper I get into [Anne Rice's] books, I'm slowly catching up to the love that the people who really love the show have for these books and clutch them to their hearts."


He added, "o many of the artists who worked on our show talked about how the tone of the book allowed them to think about coming out. These books are important to people. I feel very privileged and very lucky to be this person who's shepherding that to a new generation at this point."

Season 3 of Interview with the Vampire will focus on Lestat starting a band and going on tour. However, there is no confirmed release date yet. 

Who is Akasha? Interview With The Vampire mention about the ancient vampire 


Queen of The Damned

The intense finale of Interview with the Vampire Season 2 left fans reeling with revelations and emotional reunions, particularly between Louis and Lestat.

The episode uncovered truths about their past in Paris and New Orleans, filled with accusations, redemptions, and critical information about Lestat’s powers. One key line from Lestat sets the stage for Season 3 and dives deep into the Immortal Universe.


After Louis avenges Claudia's death by destroying the Théâtre des Vampires, he and Armand find Lestat in a dungeon once owned by Lestat’s maker, Magnus. When they threaten to kill him, Lestat declares it impossible, stating, "I have the blood of Magnus in me," and more dramatically, "I have the blood of Akasha in me."

Fans familiar with Anne Rice's novels or the 2002 film "Queen of the Damned" understand this reference, but the show hasn't yet introduced Akasha.

Throughout the series, Lestat de Lioncourt is depicted as one of the most powerful vampires, with abilities like flight, mind reading, pyrokinesis, rapid healing, and charming. Despite being severely weakened at the end of Season 1 by Claudia and Louis, he recovers significantly by Season 2.

Lestat’s superior strength is evident when he overpowers Armand and manipulates the trial against Louis and Claudia. His claim about possessing the blood of Magnus and Akasha hints at the source of his extraordinary powers.


Akasha, the first vampire, was an ancient queen who became a vampire after a series of tragic events involving twin witches and a powerful spirit named Amel.

Her bloodlust and the creation of more vampires to dilute this hunger caused chaos. This backstory, detailed in Rice's novels The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned, explains why Lestat's bloodline makes him exceptionally powerful.

Season 3 will likely explore Lestat’s connection to Akasha and Magnus, revealing more about his immense strength. Interview with the Vampire is available to stream on AMC+.

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