Is Drew McIntyre Planning To Join Hollywood? All We Know About His WWE Career Plans So Far

Drew McIntyre hints at a Hollywood debut amidst speculation over the expiration of his WWE contract, revealing insights into his plans.

Published on Feb 09, 2024  |  09:07 PM IST |  30.3K
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Drew McIntyre, the powerhouse of WWE, seems to be dropping hints about his potential venture into Hollywood. The Scottish wrestler recently sparked speculation about his Hollywood ambitions after sharing a video on social media from his appearance on the Read The Room sketch show. McIntyre's tweet, accompanying the video, hinted at a possible move to disrupt the entertainment industry in Hollywood.

Drew McIntyre teases his Hollywood debut

In the video shared by McIntyre, he humorously portrayed a scene reminiscent of the movie Braveheart, where he rallied troops for battle while a comedic duo at the back deliberated on whether to join the cause with their humorous remarks. His tweet alongside the video further fueled speculation about his Hollywood aspirations, stating, "I might head to Hollywood and disrupt their industry." 

The buzz around McIntyre’s Hollywood debut gained its peak last year when the superstar confirmed shooting alongside Dave Bautista for his upcoming role in the action comedy film The Killer's Game. The film, based on Jay Bonansinga's novel, follows the story of an assassin diagnosed with a life-threatening illness who authorizes a kill on himself, only to discover he was misdiagnosed. McIntyre's involvement in this project marks his debut in feature films and presents an exciting opportunity for him to showcase his acting chops alongside industry veterans like Bautista.


Speaking about his role in The Killer's Game during an interview with Crash & AJ, McIntyre expressed enthusiasm about his foray into acting and the opportunity to work alongside Bautista, revealing, “Maybe…I’ve never wanted to do anything but WWE and wrestle. I don’t know if I so much have my eye on it or if it has its eye on me. Opportunities keep coming my way, which is cool. I love stepping outside my comfort zone and growing my brand, which in turn draws more eyes to WWE. Recently, I was in a few projects going on.” 

“I had a chance to be in…Dave Bautista has a movie coming out, I don’t know, sometime next year, I’ll be featured in that as well in a more prominent role. That was fun to do. The opportunities seem to be finding me rather than me finding them. We’ll see what the future holds,” he added. 

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Dave Bautista (Image Courtesy: Getty Images)

Drew McIntyre on his upcoming expiration of contract with WWE

As McIntyre's WWE contract is set to expire this year, speculation has been rife about his future in professional wrestling and whether his Hollywood aspirations will take precedence. During an interview with Quinn & Cantara, McIntyre remained tight-lipped about his contract negotiations but emphasized his focus on the present moment. He expressed his commitment to WWE for the time being but left the door open for potential opportunities beyond wrestling, sharing, “I focus on the now. I don’t focus on the past, I don’t focus on the future, I focus on the present. No, I don’t plan to be anywhere else. That’s as much as I can say right now.”

In terms of his wrestling career, McIntyre's dedication to the sport remains unwavering. He revealed his intention to continue wrestling for as long as his body allows. “As long as my body will allow, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been doing it for 22 years now. People think I’m in my mid-40s because I’ve been around for so long. I debuted 16 years ago on WWE television. Just what we know about nutrition and looking after ourselves as athletes today, you can really go as long as you want as long as you don’t get any significant career-ending injuries,” he commented.


As Drew McIntyre navigates the crossroads between wrestling and Hollywood, fans eagerly anticipate his upcoming film debut in The Killer's Game and the potential trajectory of his career beyond WWE. Whether he ultimately chooses to pursue acting full-time or continues to balance both wrestling and acting remains to be seen. 

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When did Drew McIntyre joined WWE?
Drew McIntyre started WWE at 22.

What is Drew McIntyre's net worth?
Drew McIntyre's estimated net worth is around $2 million.

Who is Drew McIntyre married to from WWE?
Drew McIntyre is married to Kaitlyn Frohnapfel since 2016.

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