“Really, Really Old”: Taylor Swift Performs Crazier From Hannah Montana During Eras Tour Scotland

The Scottish fans are electrified by Taylor Swift's performance of Crazier during her tour. Read on to learn more.

Published on Jun 11, 2024  |  10:44 AM IST |  16.5K
Taylor Swift Sings Crazier In Scotland
Taylor Swift (PC: Getty Images)

Taylor Swift's devoted fans were treated to an unexpected and creative surprise during her second Eras Tour performance in Scotland. On Saturday, June 8, in front of an electrifying crowd at Edinburgh's Murrayfield Stadium, Swift cleverly combined two beloved songs: All of the Girls You Loved Before from 2023 and Crazier from the iconic 2009 Hannah Montana film. 

The 34-year-old superstar hilariously interacted with the crowd with her signature charm, joking, "You get extra points if you know this next song at all because it is really, really old."

Taylor Swift's heartfelt surprise song moment

One of the most beloved parts of Taylor Swift's magical Eras Tour is the surprise song moment. Swift expertly blends two well-known songs into a single, powerful performance. Every note is laced with vulnerability and nostalgia, creating an emotional tapestry that enthralls listeners.

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour features a special connection between the artist and her fans during the surprise song segment. Swift pauses in the middle of the song to express her heartfelt gratitude to her audience for their continued support. This genuine moment transforms the concert from a mere performance into a shared experience of mutual appreciation and respect. 

As the final chords fade, the memory of this intimate exchange persists, highlighting music's profound ability to unite and inspire. It's a beautiful testament to Swift's artistry and the strong bond she has with her devoted fans, resulting in unforgettable moments that linger long after the music stops.


Swift's Scottish adventure

Taylor Swift surprised her fans with two unique mashups at her second Eras Tour show in Scotland. She told the audience that they would "get extra points" if they knew the next song, which was "really, really old." Another mashup combined The Bolter from 2024's The Tortured Poets Department with Getaway Car from 2017's Reputation.

Swift's 2008 hit song Love Story was played by the bagpipe group Reel Time Pipe Band earlier in the week at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, the venue of her later performance. 

In a video message, Scotland's First Minister John Swinney greeted Taylor Swift and described the renaming of Loch Tay as Loch Tay Tay in her honor as "just fabulous." An even more memorable part of Taylor Swift's visit to Scotland was the warm reception she received from both fans and officials.

Swinney called Loch Tay—or, as it was temporarily dubbed, Loch Tay Tay—the most beautiful place in Scotland and hoped Taylor Swift would get to see it. He promised Swift a warm welcome and said he knew her supporters, the so-called Swifites, would be ecstatic to see her.


Swift's Eras tour: A Scottish interlude

Swift's performances in Scotland as part of her Eras Tour were just her second visit; her first was in June 2015 for a sold-out performance at an arena in Glasgow as part of the 1989 World Tour.

The singer openly expressed her admiration for the Scottish people during her 2015 performance in Glasgow, shortly after publicly confirming her relationship with Scottish producer Calvin Harris during their Billboard Music Awards appearance together.

She added a personal touch to her thrilling performance by telling the audience a touching tale rooted in her Scottish background. Thinking back to a special occasion, she described how happy it made her to receive an email from her father, Scott Swift, with the subject line, "Tell Scotland this." 

He subtly highlighted the family's deep Scottish heritage in the message, saying, "You have to tell them that our entire family is from Scotland and pretty much nowhere else." 


Despite her amazing performance, fans were moved by her poignant connection to her roots. This created a close bond. After experiencing great success in Lyon, France, Swift's path took her from the energetic vibrancy of Glasgow to the historic streets of Edinburgh as her musical journey developed. 

Swift's resolute dedication to her craft was evident despite the rain that fell on Lyon's skies as she impressed the audience with her passionate three-and-a-half-hour performance.

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