Where Is Johnny Galecki Now After The Big Bang Theory Finale? Explained

Johnny Galecki, famous for playing Leonard Hofstadter on The Big Bang Theory, charmed audiences for 12 seasons. Post the show, here’s what this beloved actor has been up to.

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Johnny Galecki played Leonard Hofstadter on The Big Bang Theory for 12 whole seasons, charming the viewers with his quirks, an unusual friendship with Sheldon Cooper, and a heartwarming romance with Penny. It's rare for an actor to play a character for a decade, but Johnny Galecki did it as Leonard Hofstadter on The Big Bang Theory. In the '90s, Galecki played David Healy on Roseanne, one of TV's biggest roles. It wasn't his time on Roseanne that cemented his place in sitcom history; it was his 279 episodes on The Big Bang Theory. But after the series finale in 2019, where did life take Galecki? Here's what he's up to post-Big Bang.

He and Alaina Meyer welcomed a son and he resumed the role of David Healy

Johnny Galecki and his then-girlfriend Alaina Meyer announced their pregnancy on May 3, 2019, after privately dating for about a year. They later discovered they were expecting a boy during a paint-filled backyard gender reveal party. Following the birth of their son, Orbison, Galecki shared a heartfelt photo of himself and Meyer holding the baby's hand, thanking fans for their support.

In November 2020, at ages 45 and 23, respectively, Galecki and Meyer parted ways but continued co-parenting Orbison. Meyer candidly shared on Instagram, "This has been the gnarliest year of my life, with the highest highs and the lowest lows..." Galecki, known for his privacy regarding relationships, has not publicly commented on the breakup.

After concluding his role on The Big Bang Theory, Galecki returned to Lanford, Illinois, making brief appearances on The Conners as David Healy. In Season 2, which aired in fall 2019, he appeared in episodes 2 (A Kiss Is Just a Kiss) and 4 (Lanford... Lanford). His return was appreciated by Sara Gilbert, who plays Darlene Conner, highlighting their long-standing professional relationship and mutual respect.


Galecki stepped away from acting

Johnny Galecki hasn't appeared in front of the camera since the show ended, essentially disappearing from Hollywood. The reason for this is that Leonard's mannerisms were so ingrained in Galecki's acting performance that it would have been impossible for him to take on a new role without retaining some of Leonard's characteristics.

It wouldn't have been easy for Galecki to transition quickly into another character after spending 12 years as Leonard. During an interview with Larry King, he revealed that Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady originally imagined him as Sheldon. Leonard, however, caught his attention after reading the first few pages of the script.

Galecki found love again and welcomed a second child

As a teenager, Johnny Galecki moved to Los Angeles alone, but when he relocated to Nashville, he was accompanied by Morgan Galecki, whom he privately married on an undisclosed date. Morgan first appeared on his Instagram in January 2023, featured in a series of photos from their trip to Walt Disney World with Johnny’s son, Orbison.


Soon after, the Galeckis welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Oona Evelena. In early 2024, Morgan was pregnant during the couple's Architectural Digest photo shoot. She gave birth shortly afterward, though the exact date remains undisclosed.

Similar to his approach with Alaina Meyer and the birth of Orbison, Johnny has kept his home life with Morgan and Oona private. However, he occasionally shares glimpses of his happiness as a husband and father through platforms like Instagram and interviews.

He makes his political views known

After former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd on June 1, 2020, peaceful protestors gathered in Lafayette Park in Washington, DC, near St. John's Church. They were, however, expelled from the area with tear gas by the US Park Police and National Guard. Many reports claim that the protestors were forcibly removed in order for then-President Donald Trump to stage a photo op in front of the church after they were removed.


Johnny Galecki, who has been disapproving of Trump and his supporters for several years prior to the St. John's incident, took to Instagram to express his concerns. He said, in part, "We need understanding. And compassion. And trusted leadership. Not your irresponsible and thoughtless, extremely dangerous threats and your pathetic and impotent bullying ... I'm sincerely convinced at this point that this unstable person will not be satisfied until he creates another civil war."

While criticizing Trump during his tenure in office, Galecki also posted remarks on school shootings and Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.

Galecki's not opposed to a Big Bang reunion

Fans have wondered if they will see the cast together again since the emotional finale of The Big Bang Theory, which featured a Chinese takeout gathering and an acoustic version of the Barenaked Ladies theme song.

The 2021 Max reunion at Warner Bros. brought Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, and Courteney Cox together after 17 years. This was the first time Friends and The Big Bang Theory were filmed on the same lot. Galecki has hinted he's open to doing something similar for The Big Bang Theory - just not anytime soon. In The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series, he stated, "Maybe after the amount of time that the 'Friends' cast had."


As for the book, he describes Jessica Radloff's as an emotional reunion, a way to reminisce about his life and those 12 years that changed it forever.

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