Gemini to Scorpio: 4 Zodiac Signs Who Make Time for Discussing Feelings with Their Boo

Having a supportive environment for emotional expression is vital to some star signs. So, they schedule time for talking about their feelings with their lover.

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Zodiac Signs Who Make Time for Discussing Feelings with Their Boo
Zodiac Signs Who Make Time for Discussing Feelings with Their Boo
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While heading out on swanky dinner dates or going to the carnival holds an undeniable allure, some star signs also like to set aside time for quiet conversations with their beau. They believe that life can feel like a utopian dream sequence if they prioritize emotional intimacy in their relationship, as there would be nothing they cannot share with their soulmate. They also know that in the everyday hustle, there can be a lot that is left unsaid between them and their boo.

Be it tardiness that irks their bae, or a lack of sharing the highs and lows of their day due to their busy schedule, these individuals believe such unspoken sentiments can be toxic for their bond. Hence, they insist on engaging in heartfelt discussions with their mate where they simply talk about their feelings and further self-awareness. Take a sneak peek at who they are:


Scorpios understand the importance of open communication and are skilled at creating a safe space for discussing feelings with their beau. At their core, these water signs value fairness and are keen on seeing their partner’s perspective in every discussion they have. This is why they prioritize time together where they simply mull over their feelings and come closer to their mate.


Scorpios truly deem that routinely planning such conversations can minimize the occurrence of frustrated outbursts or spats in their relationship. So, no matter how busy their week has been, they make time for dinners or coffee dates where they can simply connect with how their lover has been feeling.


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These air signs opine that the trust they share with their partner forms the basis of a secure attachment and allows them to feel safe with their mate. Hence, they do their best to set aside an hour or two on a weekly or daily basis to check in with their soulmate and express their needs or concerns.

Libras see that this is the easiest way to identify underlying issues in their relationship and work together to decide on apt solutions. After all, they simply wish to grow their emotional intimacy so that they can have an enduring connection where they confidently share their joys and sorrows with their lover!

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As sociable souls, Geminis crave intimacy and connection in their romantic relationships. This prompts them to be vulnerable to reinforce their bond with their girlfriend or boyfriend through honest conversations. They know that they will never feel jealous or insecure if they can sit down with their boo and genuinely discuss their sentiments. Therefore, they plan catch-up sessions on a routine basis to further the loyalty and commitment they have for their partner.

Moreover, Geminis are willing to invest time and energy into nurturing their intellectual connection with their beau even when their mate may be feeling disconnected or distant. They feel that confronting their emotions and talking about where they may be coming from is a great place to begin. Plus, they like to keep things interesting by planning fun activities like trivia quizzes and game nights to precede their heartfelt chats. They deem that such icebreakers will help them delve into their emotions as a couple fearlessly.

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As water signs, Cancerians are naturally inclined to discuss feelings with their partner in the hopes of furthering their emotional intimacy. Lost in a world of romance, these Crabs (the symbol of Cancer) passionately advocate for the magic of genuine empathy, honesty, and vulnerability in love. They believe that communicating their feelings and paying attention to their significant other's perspective helps them gain an understanding of their own internal dynamics and relationship patterns. 


In fact, they feel that unspoken sentiments could potentially lead to resentment or unresolved bitterness in their relationship. This is precisely why they are often willing to initiate conversations about their emotions to cement their bond with their soulmate. In their book, having a tête-à-tête with their bae facilitates a heightened consciousness that lets them set aside squabbles and stay united with their lover. 


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Ultimately, these zodiacs deem that speaking freely about their feelings with their mate allows them to validate each other’s emotions and express heartfelt empathy. This communicates the care and compassion they have for their beau and ensures that nothing is lost in translation.

Disclaimer: These attributes are generic and may not necessarily hold true for you.

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