Libra to Pisces: 4 Zodiac Signs Who Believe a Happy Partner Makes a Good Marriage

Several zodiac signs consider the happiness and well-being of their mate as a cornerstone of their union. They truly value harmony and communication in love.

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Zodiac Signs Who Believe a Happy Partner Makes a Good Marriage
Zodiac Signs Who Believe a Happy Partner Makes a Good Marriage
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As they walk the winding path of love, a few star signs feel as though the heavens above are smiling upon them when they finally find their soulmate. So, naturally, they vow to leave no stone unturned in their quest to build a great marriage. Intriguingly, in their eyes, few bonds rival the depth and complexity that spouses share. Hence, they believe that having a happy spouse translates to a joyous union.

So, these zodiacs learn to read their mate’s mood carefully the moment they walk into the room just to ensure that they’re feeling alright. Right from extending emotional support to mollycoddling them when they’re feeling under the weather, these folks do it all. Take a sneak peek at who they are:


Symbolized by the Scales, Libras believe that marriage is an institution that transcends cultures, religions, and even time, for it holds great significance for everyone in society. Therefore, they pay keen attention to all the aphorisms and advice handed down through the generations about this sacred union. After all, this air sign hopes to make a success out of wedlock, so they come to believe that a happy partner contributes to a fulfilling marriage.


This prompts most Libras to go to great lengths to ensure that their boo is well taken care of. Right from sending them text messages asking how their day is going to showing up for them whenever they need it the most, Libras insist on showing their partners affection in every way.


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In their book, having their hearts and emotions intertwined with their spouse helps them work toward a successful marriage by seeing and hearing all of their lover’s needs while offering them endless support. They strive to create a nurturing environment at home for their spouse so that there is no hesitation about sharing any difficulties they may be facing. Moreover, Pisceans are one of the more sensitive water signs who believe in the simple yet profound notion that a happy spouse can mean a happy marriage. 

This is mainly because Pisceans see that cohabitating with their mate ensures they are witnessing the everyday highs, lows, and struggles that their spouse undergoes. This puts them in a unique position to reach out and steady the ship when stormy seas threaten to overwhelm their soulmate. So, this water sign prioritizes emotional intimacy with their mate to soothe and comfort them. 

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As loyal and devoted earth signs, Taurus natives have a tendency to believe that keeping their spouse happy is an easy shortcut to merrily wedded bliss. Hence, they try to build a strong marriage by working hard to provide comfort and financial security for their soulmate. These Bulls (the symbol of Taurus) also like to ensure that they prioritize clear communication and understanding in their relationship.

This is mainly to aid them in swiftly addressing any issues or concerns that threaten to disrupt the peace and harmony in their marriage. Ultimately, this earth sign seeks to set up a positive feedback loop of kindness, generosity, and affection in their union. They hope that this reciprocal exchange of care and devotion will make them as well as their mate feel treasured and valued.

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Symbolized by Crab, Cancerians look forward to having a spouse they can count on even when it feels like the world may be against them. Therefore, whenever they settle down with the one their heart desires, this water sign builds a sturdy foundation of mutual support. They do whatever it takes to ascertain that their partners feel loved and cherished because Cancers feel gratitude for having their spouse in their lives.


They ensure that whenever one of them experiences joy, fulfillment, or contentment, it invariably spills over into the relationship, enriching the marital bond. At the same time, they do not allow their sorrows to cast a shadow over the marriage, by taking the time to talk things out with their mate till they feel better. Cancers use transparency to maintain a happy marriage.


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Above all, these star signs pledge to share their lives in love and companionship, so they are often willing to overlook any minor slights or spats they have with their mate to protect the peace in their relationship.

Disclaimer: These attributes are generic and may not necessarily hold true for you.

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