EXCLUSIVE: Dr Sohil Makwana to donate all his author earnings from his debut novel to a Covid warrior

An image of Dr Sohil Makwana completely drenched in sweat had gone viral a while ago.
Dr Sohil Makwana to donate all his author earnings to a Covid warrior Dr Sohil Makwana
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In April this year, a picture of a young doctor from Gujarat - Dr. Sohil Makwana had gone viral after he had posted an image of himself completely drenched in sweat. He was wearing a PPE kit in one half of the picture, and was without it in the second half. “Talking on the behalf of all doctors and health workers.. we are really working hard away from our family.. sometimes a foot away from positive patient, sometimes an inch away from critically ill oldies... I request please go for vaccination.. it's only solution! Stay safe,” Makwana had written on Twitter. 

The doctor is now going a step forward for helping those in need. He recently came out with his debut novel ‘Murdrum: The Probe Begins’, and has decided to donate all his author earnings to another Covid warrior who’s in need. “I have decided to donate all my author earnings from this book to Apekxa, a second year MBBS student. I got to know about her from another friend. She was posted on Covid duties, and got infected with Coronavirus. Because of her infection, her parents also got infected and they unfortunately passed away after a few days. She has a lot of responsibilities on herself, and also has a younger brother to take care of. So I decided to help her in whatever way I can. In fact, she even resumed her Covid duty, 10 days after her parents’ demise,” informs Sohil. 

‘Murdrum: The Probe Begins’ is a crime-thriller, and released recently. “It revolves arounds a girl who is a forensic expert and wants to become a crime investigator, but isn't getting a chance to do so. It is inspired by true events,” adds Makwana. 

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