8 Best Microcurrent facial devices to get beautiful skin

In love with healthy, firm skin with no signs of aging? If yes, then you need to get a microcurrent facial device. Get rid of all the signs of aging and enjoy healthy, firm skin.

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8 Best Microcurrent facial devices to get beautiful skin
8 Best Microcurrent facial devices to get beautiful skin
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They say beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. This is for sure a good thing to say. But when you are actually aging, and it becomes all the more clear with the sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, we wish to get back that supple skin and beat the signs of aging. Fortunately, there are new inventions happening to make your skin youthful, every single day. One such invention is the microcurrent facial device.

What is a microcurrent facial device?

This device works on the principle of using low-voltage electricity on facial muscles for the purpose of contouring and toning. Often termed as a “facial workout”, this process can result in better definition of muscle shape, enhanced collagen and reduced sagging of skin. Regular microcurrent facials enhance cellular activity, leading to reduced wrinkles and improved skin texture. Microcurrent facial is considered relaxing, quite effective and absolutely safe by the experts. You can get it done by a professional or invest in a device yourself and do it at home. 

What are the merits of using a microcurrent facial device?

There are numerous benefits of using a microcurrent facial device. Though the benefits cannot be instantly felt but with regular sessions, you can see clear changes in your skin. With regular use of these powerful devices, one can tone and relax the muscles and stimulate collagen production. Collagen is responsible for the slow aging process, and good skin texture. Unlike the regular facelifts, these devices enhance blood circulation, reduce signs of aging and give long lasting effects. After a few days, you can expect a visible difference in your skin tone and appearance in just a few minutes. 


How to use a microcurrent facial device?

Every microcurrent device is different. Each of these products come with manuals which one needs to read before using these devices. It is a safe and painless procedure, but if you have sensitive skin, skin rash, acne, any other skin issue, or any body issue, then speaking to a professional would be a wise thing to do. Here is a list of the most popular microcurrent facial devices that you can use to reduce the signs of aging. Check them out.

We, at Pinkvilla, bring together the most trending and useful items for you. We have carefully curated this list by keeping in mind the changes in lifestyle and choices that women make today. The products listed below make it to our list only after thorough research based on Amazon trends, reviews, best sellers, ratings and primarily the honest feedback from previous buyers. We aim at making your shopping experience all the more convenient. Happy shopping!

Microcurrent facial devices

1. Lifetrons Beauty Ultra Facial Lift

Perfect skin is all yours when you get your hands on this ultra facial lift device from Lifetrons. It comes as a 3 in 1 design that has separate massage heads for eyes, lips and face. Designed for low frequency micro-vibration, this device helps in enhancing blood circulation by stimulating facial muscles and relieving skin from stress and fatigue. The microcurrents of this device help in toning the facial muscles, which eventually lend a firming effect on the skin. Its red photon light works at promoting collagen, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. 

Lifetrons Beauty Ultra Facial Lift

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2. LEBODY FACE Microcurrent Facial Device

LEBDOY facial device is meant for cell activation and uplifting of skin using micro current. The device can be easily used at home and enhances skin's vitality and freshness. With just regular 10 minutes of treatment, you can expect better skin tone and enhanced skin texture.

LEBODY FACE Microcurrent Facial Device

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3. Yeamon 4D Microcurrent Massager 

Yeamon 4D microcurrent massager is known for its multifunction design that makes operation quite easy for the users. The wide range of 125 adjustable choices helps you get the perfect facial massage as per one's own requirements. This massager can deliver up to 8000 vibrations per/min. There are “MODE” and “VM” buttons which let you adjust the variation as per your will. It is suggested that high frequency vibrations can calm down the muscles, which eventually leads to skin free from wrinkles. Packed beautifully in a gift box, this device comes with a portable bag, USB cable, cleaning wiper and an English manual.


Yeamon 4D Microcurrent Massager

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4. Multifun 3D Microcurrent Roller

This 3D face roller targets dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. It comes with a solar panel designed that can stimulate ATP production for energizing the facial muscles. Not only, the device helps in improving facial tone, facial contour, but also reduces puffiness and tightens skin. The roller promotes blood circulation, which helps in making skin firmer and smoother. Interestingly, the roller can be used on the entire body including abs, buttocks, thighs, etc. Its portable design makes it super convenient for traveling. The ergonomic design makes this roller super easy to handle.

Multifun 3D Microcurrent Roller

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5. NuFACE FIX Starter Kit

NuFACE fix starter kit includes a core collection line smoothing device along with a serum. The device works on the principle of delivering microcurrent across the surface layer of the skin. You can try it to blur skin lines, get rid of the puffiness and get fuller looking lips. With the regular use of this device for around 3 minutes, twice a day, you can expect firm, healthy skin. Also, the serum must be used with the device to conduct microcurrent, which is the miracle power here. 

NuFACE FIX Starter Kit

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6. NuDerma Portable Skin Therapy Wand Machine

To enhance the ATP production in the body, there is a need to energize the skin. With the help of NuDerma skin wand, you can enhance cell activity leading to healthier, firmer skin. From sagging skin, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles to dullness, you can target all the aging symptoms and enjoy great skin. The device comes with four anti-aging neon applicators for skin rejuvenation. With high frequency sessions, you can enhance the appearance of your skin and work on the skin irregularities. The device comes with a neon powered mushroom wand, neon powered spot wand, comb wand, tongue wand and treatment guides.

NuDerma Portable Skin Therapy Wand Machine

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7. MyoLift QT Microcurrent Facial Machine

MyoLift Qt is the new age device for advanced skin care. It is a great face sculpting tool that has smart features and can be comfortably used on the skin. When in need of a quick but effective facial treatment, you can rely on this device and indulge in speedy skin care. The microcurrent treatment helps in reducing the signs of aging from fine lines, uneven skin tone, wrinkles to sagging skin, etc. 


MyoLift QT Microcurrent Facial Machine

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8. FOREO BEAR Microcurrent Facial Device

FOREO BEAR microcurrent is an exceptionally effective microcurrent facial device. Shaped like a bear, the device looks really cute along with being really handy. Its microcurrent toning allows the muscles to relax while reducing the signs of aging. There are t-sonic pulsations of this device which eases the tension points, stimulates microcirculation and enhances product absorption. To upkeep the safety standards, there is automatic adjusting of microcurrent which adjusts current as per skin’s resistance. Other prime features of this device are its quick speed, ergonomic design and longevity. 

FOREO BEAR Microcurrent Facial Device

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Healthy skin is something that we all need and deserve. From eating right to adapting to a good skincare routine, we need to take care of everything. Choosing a good microcurrent facial device is also one of the prime steps to good skin care in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. So, grab this device and your skin will thank you for taking good care of it.

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