How Do Silicone Scar Sheets Work: Efficacy, Uses, And Benefits

Find your answer to the question, “How do silicone scar sheets work?” – understand their mechanisms for effective scar reduction and improved skin texture.

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How Do Silicone Scar Sheets Work
How Do Silicone Scar Sheets Work

Silicone sheets, also known as silicone gel sheets or silicone scar tape, have emerged as a wonder-working solution when it comes to minimizing post-surgery scars. To understand the answer to the question “How do silicone scar sheets work?”, you must take a look at their unique and innovative composition. They are made up of medical-grade silicone that’s designed to foster the ideal environment for healing – the silicone material acts as a protective barrier while also regulating the production of collagen – one of the key factors in the formation of new scars (1). Clinically proven and widely used in recent times, silicone sheets for scars have become the primary choice for anyone who wants an effective yet non-invasive method to deal with post-operative scarring.

Silicone scar sheets are also very versatile in nature – they are comfortable when compared to traditional methods and act as a discreet solution. Moreover, the adhesive properties present in this tape for scars after surgery ensure constant contact with the skin, promoting an optimal healing process (2). This makes it a reliable resource that enhances the recovery journey for anyone who wants to minimize the appearance of their scarring (3).

What Are Silicone Scar Sheets?

What Are Silicone Scar Sheets?

Silicone sheet for scars is a medical-grade product that is crafted with the purpose of improving the appearance of scarring. Generally, they are crafted from a soft silicone gel sheeting that adheres to the skin, acting as a protective moisture barrier over your scars (1). They work by acting as a source of hydration to the skin, regulating collagen synthesis, and keeping the area moist  – this is what helps with flattening out the scars over time (1). They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, catering to different requirements. This makes them one of the most effective non-invasive options for scar management.


How Do Silicone Scar Sheets Work?

How Do Silicone Scar Sheets Work?

Silicone gel scar sheets are designed as an effective way to manage scars – they create the ideal environment for healing (2). Made from medical-grade silicone, they adhere to the skin, applying gentle yet firm pressure to the scar tissue. This helps flatten and soften the scar, while the silicone material keeps the area hydrated (1). It also regulates and increases the levels of collagen, which promotes smoother skin regeneration (1). 

Moreover, soft silicone scar tape is incredibly flexible and comfortable – this makes it suitable to be used on every part of the body. When worn consistently, they can reduce the appearance of scarring over time, while also addressing redness, texture, and the overall way that it’s visible (3).

How to Use Silicone Scar Sheets?

Take a look at the following key points for using silicone scar sheets:

1. Ensure the Area Is Clean

Firstly and most importantly, clean the scar and the surrounding skin using a mild soap and water. Pat the area dry so that it’s prepared for the application process.

2. Adjust the Size

How to Use Silicone Scar Sheets?

Take a look at the following key points for using silicone scar sheets:

1. Ensure the Area Is Clean

Firstly and most importantly, clean the scar and the surrounding skin using a mild soap and water. Pat the area dry so that it’s prepared for the application process.

2. Adjust the Size

How to Use Silicone Scar Sheets?

Assess the size of the scarred area and cut the silicone sheet accordingly. Ensure that the entire scar will be covered.

3. Peel of the Backing

Carefully remove the backing of the silicone-based scar sheet to expose its adhesive side.

4. Apply It Gently

Take care to cautiously apply the adhesive side of the silicone sheet onto the scar – ensure that it goes on smoothly without getting wrinkled.

5. Wear It for the Recommended Duration

Ensure that you’re wearing the silicone gel sheet for the right treatment duration – this is typically 12 to 24 hours per day. You can also get tailored advice from a healthcare professional.


6. Consistency Is Key

To make the most out of your silicone scar sheet, you must be consistent and use it every day. If not, you won’t achieve the desired result.

7. Avoid Getting It Wet

Make sure that you keep your silicone sheet dry whenever it’s in use. You can remove it before you go for a shower or bath and reapply it once you’re out and dry.

8. Replace the Sheet Regularly

Replace your silicone sheet every one to two weeks, or as recommended by your healthcare provider or the manufacturer.

9. Check for Sensitivity

If you experience any kind of discomfort or skin irritation, remove the sheet immediately and consult a medical professional.

10. Be Patient

To see visible results, sometimes it may require weeks or even months. You must be patient and wait out – with consistency, your effort will pay off.

Are Silicone Scar Sheets Effective?

Yes, silicone scar sheets are indeed effective, especially when it comes to post-surgical scars and keloids (4), (3). As mentioned before, they work to create a barrier over the scar, hydrating the skin and regulating the production of collagen  (1). This softens and flattens the scar tissue. For fresh, post-operative scars, they aid the healing process by minimizing redness, itching, and discomfort, also preventing dark and noticeable scars (3).

Keloids are scars that are raised and overgrown – they usually form at the site of surgery or injury wounds. Unlike regular scars, these go beyond the wounded area and can be very itchy, painful, and extremely noticeable. Silicone scar sheets for keloids can work wonders – they flatten and soften the raised tissue, making it appear less noticeable as time goes by (3).

When Can You Use a Silicone Scar Sheet?

Silicone scar sheets are usually used once an open wound is fully healed – this is typically after the removal of any stitches or sutures at the site. They act effectively on various types of scars, including scars that stem from surgery, burns, and injury (5). 


They work best when they're applied to skin that's clean and dry and must be worn constantly for several hours every day. Generally, they should be worn for around 12-24 hours at least, and are required to be switched out for new ones, when and as directed by the manufacturer and physician.

The process can take several weeks or even months in some cases, before you start noticing visible results. However, you must be consistent for it to work – follow the instructions carefully to maximize the effectiveness of the product. Also, by using silicone gel sheeting early on in the scar healing process, you can minimize scar formation and reduce the overall appearance.

If at any time during the process, you notice any side effects from the adhesive, you must remove the silicone scar patch and immediately seek help from a dermatologist.

Types of Scars That You Can Use Silicone Scar Sheets on

Types of Scars That You Can Use Silicone Scar Sheets on

The following are some scars that silicone sheets effectively work on:

  1. Surgical Scars: These are a result of various surgical procedures – they occur when incisions are made to access internal tissues.
  2. Trauma-induced Scars: These scars are caused by accidents, injuries, or any type of physical trauma that occurs to the skin.
  3. Burn Scars: These come about as a result of burns that are either caused by excess heat, chemicals, electricity, or radiation.
  4. Keloid Scarring: Sometimes, during the healing process, the body produces excess collagen. This extends beyond the original would and leaves raised scarring.
  5. Hypertrophic Scars: These scars are very similar to keloids, however, they don’t extend beyond the boundaries of the original wound.
  6. Stretch Marks: This is a result of the rapid stretching of the skin – it may occur due to pregnancy, weight gain, or growth spurts.
  7. C-section Scars: This scar type forms as a result of Cesarean section surgeries that are performed to deliver a baby.
  8. Breast Augmentation Scars: When an individual gets breast implants, these scars are left behind after the surgical procedure.
  9. Skin Graft Scars: During surgical grafting, skin is transplanted from one part of the body to another to cover the damaged area. These scars are a result of this procedure.
  10. Acne Scars: This type of scarring is quite common – it is the result of severe or persistent acne. They develop after acne lesions heal and can leave behind indentations and discoloration.

The Benefits of Using Silicone Scar Sheets

Silicone gel sheets offer a variety of benefits. Take a look at a few of them below:


1. Promotes Healing

When you use silicone gel sheeting over a scar, it fosters an optimal environment for it to heal – this is a result of moisture and oxygen being provided to the skin (1).

2. Makes the Scar Less Noticeable

The Benefits of Using Silicone Scar Sheets

Since they work to make the scars flatter and softer, as time goes by, their appearance gets minimized and less noticeable (3).

3. Reduces Discomfort

Silicone scar sheets aid in alleviating redness, itching, pain, and overall discomfort – all of which are associated with scarring (3).

4. They Are Convenient

Extremely easy to apply and use, silicone scar tape can work seamlessly under clothing without any hassles.

5. Non-invasive Alternative

Unlike alternative procedures, using silicone tape is a non-invasive way of dealing with scarring. It doesn't require any incisions or injections.

6. Improves Skin Texture

With the consistent use of silicone scar sheets, you'll notice an improvement in skin texture and the overall appearance of the skin (3).

7. They Are Cost-effective 

Compared to the other treatments that are available for scarring, this option is affordable – you don't have to shell out tons of dollars for an effective scar treatment option.

8. Ideal for All Skin Types

The best part about silicone scar sheets is that they're ideal to be used on all types of skin – this also includes sensitive skin types. Apart from that, they can also be used on both old and new scars (6).

9. They Last for a Long Time

Silicone-based scar sheets can be worn for extended periods of time, acting as a continuous treatment for scars.

10. Prevents Excessive Scarring

By keeping the scar site protected and hydrated, silicone scar sheets prevent the formation of keloids and hypertrophic scars (1), (3).



To summarize all that we’ve said, silicone scar tape is a promising and effective way to manage scars, especially in post-operative scenarios. Understanding how silicone scar sheets work gives you a deep insight into their efficacy in minimizing the appearance of scars and promoting smoother skin texture. From how versatile they are when it comes to treating different scars to how easy they are to use, these products have now become a go-to choice that’s both non-invasive and cost-effective. By using them consistently and following the given instructions, you will be able to reap all the benefits that they have to offer.

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For how long should I use a silicone gel sheet on my scar?
To achieve optimal results, you should use a silicone gel scar sheet for at least 8-12 hours a day, for several months.

Is silicone gel or tape better for scar management?
Though both are effective options, silicone gel is preferred since it’s easier to use. It’s also more comfortable to be worn for extended periods.

Are silicone scar sheets reusable?
Yes, silicone sheets are often reusable and only need to be replaced after one or several weeks, depending on the brand.

Is it possible to apply makeup over a silicone scar sheet?
Though you can apply makeup over it, it’s best not to as it may interfere with the adherence of the silicone scar sheet.

Do silicone scar sheets have waterproof properties?
Yes, most silicone scar sheets are waterproof and can be worn while showering or swimming. However, we suggest that you don’t get them wet.

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