How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow Naturally: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to make your eyelashes grow naturally – from effective home remedies to secrets you’ve probably never heard of, it’s time to achieve luscious lashes.

Chhavi Puri
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How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow
How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow

For as long as one can remember, and even in current times, fluttery lashes have always been considered beautiful. This may leave a lot of you with the question, “How to make your eyelashes grow?”. The quest for long, voluminous lashes has led the masses to explore different avenues – from hyped-up, viral products to age-old home remedies for natural eyelash growth, this has become something that beauty enthusiasts commonly discuss. They’re always on the lookout for effective methods to enhance the length and thickness of their lashes.

Though there exists a multitude of options, understanding the science behind how your eyelashes grow can help you to a great extent. This article will delve deep into the intricacies of how to grow longer eyelashes – we’ll go over some natural remedies like using castor oil or green tea, helping you to easily and safely achieve the lashes you’ve always wanted. 

How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow: Lash Care Routine

How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow: Lash Care Routine

The following is a simple lash care routine that you can follow to achieve thick and luscious eyelashes:

1. Remove Your Makeup Gently

When removing your mascara and eyeliner, use a makeup remover that has a mild formula. This will get rid of any unwanted product without harming your lashes or eyes.

2. Cleanse Your Lashes Thoroughly

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser – ensure that you use it on your eyelids to get rid of any dirt or leftover makeup that wasn’t removed.


3. Pat, Don’t Rub

Using a clean towel, pat your face dry. Avoid any kind of harsh rubbing around the eye area, as this can weaken the lashes.

4. Use a Lash Serum

Opt for a nourishing lash serum that contains ingredients such as peptides or biotin, as they are known to promote healthy lash growth (1), (2). Also, check to see if there are any specific product instructions that you need to follow.

5. Stay Away from Oil-based Products

Using oil-based skincare products around the eyes may break down lash adhesive, hence hindering the growth phase of your eyelashes. So, it’s better to steer clear of such products.

6. Brush Your Lashes

Take a clean brush and gently comb through your lashes, This will promote circulation while also ensuring the even distribution of natural oils or any eyelash product that you apply.

7. Keep Your Lashes Hydrated

Take a tiny amount of petroleum jelly and massage it into your lashes. You can do this a few times a day or before you sleep as this will keep them moisturized,  hence preventing breakage.

8. Opt for a Silk Or Satin Pillowcase

If you’re a side sleeper or if you sleep on your stomach, it is very likely that your lashes get pressed against the pillow. A silk or satin pillowcase can help reduce any unwanted friction on your lashes.

As with any eyelash routine, you need to remember that consistency is key. By following these steps on a regular basis, you'll get thicker and fuller lashes over time.

What Are Some Highly Effective Ways to Grow Longer Eyelashes?

If you’re wondering how to grow your eyelashes longer, take a look at the points below:

1. Consume a Balanced Diet

How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow Consume a Balanced Diet

Foods that are rich in vitamins A, C, E, and biotin can help promote lash growth, so adding them to your diet regularly is a good idea (2). Apart from that, by eating foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids, you can help maintain your overall hair health (3). Proper nutrition with adequate protein can also make a huge difference (4).


2. Remove Your Eye Makeup Gently

Always opt for a mild makeup remover while also ensuring that your motions are gentle when removing eyeliner or mascara. Additionally, you can use natural alternatives like coconut oil since they’re safer.

3. Apply Castor Oil

Using a clean disposable mascara wand or spoolie brush, apply castor oil to your lashes. When done consistently, it is known to be nourishing and moisturizing, also potentially stimulating quicker growth (5).

4. Steer Clear of Harsh Chemicals

How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow

It is of utmost importance that you use eye makeup products that contain natural ingredients – especially mascara. Also, stay away from eyelash curlers, lash extensions, and lash perming treatments, because if not used or done properly, they can be very damaging to the lashes.

5. Brush Your Lashes Regularly

The answer to “How to make your eyelashes grow” is — to brush your lashes on a regular basis. By gently brushing your lashes with a clean spoolie or lash comb, you can stimulate blood circulation and distribute the natural oils evenly. Plus, this step also helps prevent your lashes from getting tangled and breaking.

6. Rinse with Green Tea

Brew some fresh green tea and give it some time to cool. Then, use a cotton ball to apply the tea to your lashes – this can help with nourishment (6). The antioxidants that are present in green tea may make your lashes more healthy.

7. Stay Hydrated

By consuming a good amount of water every day, you can stay well-hydrated, ensuring that your overall skin and hair health is good (7). Dehydration can affect the lashes and hinder healthy growth, so drink that H2O as often as you can!

How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow Naturally with Home Remedies? 

When it comes to growing longer eyelashes naturally, there are a few natural remedies that you can try:

1. Aloe Vera Gel

How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow Naturally with Home Remedies?

Cut an aloe vera leaf and leave it in an upright position so that you can rid of the aloin (yellow juice). Then extract the gel and apply it to your lashes. The gel is said to be rich in minerals and vitamins, potentially making your lashes grow stronger and longer (8). However, you must be careful that it doesn’t come in direct contact with your eyes.


2. Olive Oil

Take some pure olive oil and give your eyelashes a gentle massage just before you go to sleep. This will provide nourishment to your lashes, stimulating their growth (9). Remember to rinse off any residue when you wake up in the morning.

3. Coconut Milk

Take a cotton ball and let it soak in coconut milk for a minute or two. Apply it to the lashes and leave it on there for 15 minutes before you rinse it off. The proteins and fats that are present in this plant-based milk are known to be beneficial for the lashes (10).

4. Chamomile Tea

Brew some fresh chamomile tea and give it some time to cool down. Then, using a cotton pad, apply the tea to your lashes. Chamomile is known to have soothing properties, and this may make your lashes healthier (11). However, to achieve these potential benefits, you must do this on a regular basis.

5. Vitamin E Capsules

The oil that you get when you open up a vitamin E capsule is known to promote overall hair health – it may also enhance the appearance of your lashes (12). If you apply vitamin E oil directly to the lashes and on a consistent basis, it is very likely that you’ll notice visible results.

6. Onion Juice And Castor Oil

How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow

Mix onion juice with castor oil in equal parts and sparingly apply it to your lashes – since both ingredients help in promoting overall hair health, they may also aid in healthy eyelash growth (13),  (5). Onion juice contains sulfur, so apply it sparingly and ensure that it doesn’t come in contact with your eyes. Rinse it off thoroughly after 30 minutes.

7. Lemon Peel And Olive Oil

Soak a few lemon peels in olive oil – let it sit for a while. Apply the lemon-infused olive oil to your lashes. Lemon peels are rich in antioxidants and vitamins, which may benefit your lash health (14). While applying this mixture, be careful that it doesn't get into your eyes.


How to Prevent Your Eyelashes from Thinning?

How to Prevent Your Eyelashes from Thinning?

There are a few simple things that you can do to prevent your eyelashes from becoming thin, take a look at them below:

  1. Stay away from excessively rubbing your eyes. This common mistake can weaken your eyelashes and make them thinner over time.
  2. When choosing a mascara, ensure that the formula is gentle and nourishing at the same time. Using mascaras regularly laden with harsh chemicals may thin the lashes while ones that contain biotin and peptides will make your eyelashes healthier (1), (2).
  3. Stay away from heated curling tools – heat exposure will weaken and damage your lashes.
  4. By trimming your eyelashes regularly, you can ensure that there are no split ends or damage that usually leads to thin lashes.
  5. Stay away from getting false lashes, eyelash extensions, and lash perms very often – using them every once in a while is okay. They greatly contribute to thin and damaged lashes.
  6. When you’re stepping out in harsh weather conditions, use protective eyewear to shield your lashes from wind, dust, and other environmental factors.
  7. Keep your stress under control by practicing stress-management techniques. High stress levels can make your hair and lashes become thinner.

Common Causes for Short And Thin Eyelashes

If you’re growing your eyelashes out and are dealing with shortening and thinning, here are a few reasons why this may be happening:

1. Genetics

Your short eyelashes may be inherited – genetics play a significant role in determining how thick or long they may be (15).

2. Aging

As you age, it is very likely that your eyelashes will become shorter and thinner than before. This is a natural process since there will be a decline in hair follicle activity (16).

3. Inadequate Nutrition

How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow

A poor diet that lacks essential nutrients such as proteins and vitamins can have an impact on the growth of your eyelashes (4). This can cause them to be shorter.


4. Medical Conditions

There are many health conditions known to affect eyelash growth – one of them is hypothyroidism (17). This may result in short and sparse eyelashes.

5. Insufficient Sleep

Not getting the ideal amount of sleep time can take a toll on your overall health, including healthy hair growth (18). This may lead to having shorter eyelashes.

6. Stress

Frequent stress can disrupt the regular hair growth cycle, affecting your lashes and causing them to be much shorter than usual (19).

7. Overuse of Eye Makeup

Using too much mascara, the frequent use of eyelash curlers, or harsh makeup removal products can make the eyelashes weak. This can lead to breakage over time, causing your lashes to become shorter.

8. Eyelash Extensions

Continually using eyelash extensions can weaken your natural lashes, making them shorter and prone to breakage.

9. Frequent Eye Rubbing

When you rub your eyes too often, especially with force, it may damage the eyelash follicles, leading to shorter lashes.

10. Chemotherapy

Treatments for cancer, such as chemotherapy, are known to cause temporary hair and eyelash loss (20). This affects your eyelashes due to the impact on rapidly dividing cells.

Is It Safe to Use Eyelash Serums?

How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow Naturally Is It Safe to Use Eyelash Serums?

Though using lash growth serums is generally considered safe, it is important that you purchase products from well-known brands while also adhering to the instructions that come with them. Generally, eyelash serums contain ingredients such as peptides and vitamins that supposedly promote lash growth (2). However, the reaction to a product can vary from individual to individual, so performing a patch test before use is absolutely essential.

There are some individuals who may prefer to try out home remedies for eyelash growth as a safer alternative. In this case, using castor oil and coconut oil in place of an eye serum is usually known to be the best thing to do to grow lashes in an organic way (5). It’s important that you try gentler stuff to make your eyelashes grow instead of just opting for commercial products that are expensive and may not work.


How Long Does It Take to Grow Out Your Eyelashes?

How Long Does It Take to Grow Out Your Eyelashes?

The growth rate of eyelashes varies widely – it differs from person to person. However, on average, eyelashes take at least 3 to 4 months to grow to its full length. If you’re wondering, “How fast do your eyelashes grow?”, it’s important that you’re aware that they naturally shed and regrow, but the process of regrowth is highly impacted by factors like age, genetics, and your overall health.


Keep in mind that there are no miracle solutions that will make your eyelashes grow instantly, however, you can explore a few ways to grow your eyelashes. Consume a well-balanced, healthy diet regularly, use eyelash serums or castor oil, and stay away from harsh eye makeup practices – doing these things consistently will help you regrow your lashes faster and in a healthy way.


In conclusion, understanding how to make your eyelashes grow involves a holistic approach – it should encompass varied aspects of eyelash care. The best way to grow your eyelashes would be by consistently following an eyelash routine and implementing eyelash growth tips or natural home remedies. It’s crucial that you address the causes for short and thin lashes, if possible, so this way you can work toward fostering natural and healthy eyelash growth at home. 

Having said all this, patience is key here. Growing your eyelashes takes time and the duration for noticeable results can vary. With the knowledge of both preventive measures and proactive steps, you’ll be all set to grow out the lashes that you’ve always desired.

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Does castor oil work for eyelash growth?
Though there’s not a lot of evidence that proves castor oil is effective for eyelash growth, individuals claim to have very positive experiences using the ingredient.

Does crying help the eyelashes grow?
No, crying doesn’t directly have an effect on eyelash growth. However, tears help keep the eye area moisturized which in turn may support overall eyelash health.

Is there a mascara that can make your eyelashes grow?
Generally, mascaras don’t make your lashes grow – they are used to enhance their appearance. However, the ones that do contain ingredients such as peptides and biotin.

What is the best serum for eyelash growth?
Some popular eyelash growth serums are Latisse, RevitaLash, and RapidLash – however, individual results of these products may vary.

Are lash extensions damaging to the natural lashes?
Yes, lash extensions that are not properly applied or the frequent use of extensions can cause damage to the natural lashes, making them weak and leading to breakage.

Can Vaseline promote eyelash growth?
Vaseline helps moisturize and condition the lashes, but there is no scientific evidence that it can promote eyelash growth. There are other products made specifically for this purpose.

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