BTS’ V takes a test before signing autographs for fellow men in military, a soldier reveals

BTS’ V is as fun as ever in the military. A fellow soldier has revealed how V takes a test before signing autographs for fellow men. Read more here.

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BTS' V; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC
BTS' V; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC

V of BTS has enlisted into the military as per the obligatory South Korean military enlistment. Along with V, all the other members of BTS are also serving in the military at present. Being in the military, fans also are on the lookout for news about the K-pop idol. Recently, a fellow soldier who is serving with V revealed how he is fun and mentioned how he tests his fellow men before signing autographs.

BTS’ V playfully asks fellow military men to pass a test to get his autograph

BTS’ V is all fun even in the military as he asks his fellow soldiers to pass a test to get his autograph. One soldier from the military has revealed that V of BTS is as mischievous and goofy as ever during his enlistment. According to a post by the soldier, there is a process that one has to follow to secure V’s autograph. 

The process goes when you write your name on a post-it note to get an autograph from V, executive officers get five, and assistant officers get two. But V doesn’t simply give his autograph, revealed the soldier. If any assistant officer asks for an autograph from the BTS member, he makes them take a quiz to get it. 

BTS’ V mischievously makes you answer a quiz to get his autograph, where he asks questions like what are the names of BTS members, what is the title of a BTS song and if you don’t answer correctly, he with other soldiers chases you out. It can be assumed that V is applying these tactics after being inspired by PD Na Young Suk’s variety shows he has participated in, like Jinny’s Kitchen.


BTS’ V recent activities

BTS’ V commenced his military enlistment on December 11 last year. After his enlistment, he released a song with the American singer UMI wherever u r in which he was featured. The song was released on V’s birthday. Before that, V released his debut album Layover on September 8, the album has been loved by fans and music lovers everywhere. V is expected to finish his military enlistment on June 10, 2025, he is currently serving in the 2nd Army Corps in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province as a special unit Military Police Corp Officer.

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