Happy Birthday Hoshi: From Horanghae Power to Spider; exploring the versatile idol beyond SEVENTEEN member

Its Hoshi's birthday! The SEVENTEEN member and performance team leader has not just captivated fans with his on stage skill but also his musicality and endearing personality.

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SEVENTEEN's Hoshi; Image Courtesy: PLEDIS Entertainment
SEVENTEEN's Hoshi; Image Courtesy: PLEDIS Entertainment
Key Highlight
  • SEVENTEEN's Hoshi celebrates 28th birthday
  • All about Hoshi's remarkable solo works to mark his birthday

Celebrating his birthday today, Hoshi, also known as Kwon Soon-young, transcends his role as SEVENTEEN's dynamic performance team leader. Beyond his contributions to the group and subunit BSS, Hoshi has made waves with his solo mixtape Spider, showcasing his versatility in music production and performance. Join us as we explore Hoshi’s solo works in celebration of his birthday.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi turns 28

Celebrating his birthday on June 15, 1996, Hoshi, born Kwon Soon Young, shines not only as a pivotal member of SEVENTEEN but also as a versatile performer in his own right. Leading SEVENTEEN's performance team and part of the dynamic subunit BSS, Hoshi has carved his niche with electrifying dance moves and captivating stage presence.

Beyond group activities, he ventured into solo territory with his debut mixtape, Spider, released on April 2, 2021, showcasing his prowess in both music production and performance. Hoshi's journey from trainee days at PLEDIS Entertainment to becoming a celebrated idol reflects his dedication and artistry, making him a beloved figure in the K-pop scene.

Exploring Hoshi’s solo talents

1. Hoshi’s pre-debut participation in music videos

Delving into Hoshi's journey before his SEVENTEEN days, his magnetic presence graced several music videos, hinting at his future star power. From NU'EST's Face to Hello Venus' Venus in 2012, and later appearing in Orange Caramel's quirky My Copycat in 2014, Hoshi showcased his versatility and charisma even before stepping into the spotlight with SEVENTEEN. These early glimpses foreshadowed the vibrant performer he would become in both dancing and music.


2. Hoshi’s solo tracks as a SEVENTEEN member

Hoshi officially made his solo debut with Spider, released on April 2, 2021, marking a significant milestone outside his role in SEVENTEEN. The song explores themes of entanglement and allure, with Hoshi's magnetic stage presence shining through poignant lyrics and dynamic choreography.

Following this, he delighted fans with Tiger Power on June 24, 2021, playfully embracing his nickname ‘tiger’ amidst upbeat rhythms and bold lyrics. This unofficial release further showcased Hoshi's versatility and ability to captivate audiences with his infectious and endearing energy.

Continuing his solo journey, Hoshi collaborated with Tiger JK for Tiger, released on July 28, 2022, delivering powerful rap verses and an electrifying performance that solidified his prowess as a solo artist. The track not only highlighted his evolving musical style but also garnered praise for its bold production and charismatic delivery.

Most recently, on his birthday in 2023, Hoshi surprised fans with STAY, a heartfelt ballad expressing deep emotions and showcasing his vocal range. The song's touching lyrics and melodic composition underscored Hoshi's ability to convey sincerity and connect intimately with listeners.


3. Other solo activities and collaborations

In Bro & Marble, Hoshi's charm and competitive spirit shone bright amidst the glitz of Dubai's skyline. Alongside a star-studded cast including Lee Seung Gi, Yoo Yeon Seok, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Ji Suk Jin, Lee Dong Hwi, Jo Se Ho, and Joshua, Hoshi navigated the exhilarating game show with flair, bringing his signature enthusiasm to each strategic move across the city's iconic landmarks.

Hoshi not only participated in the variety show but also contributed to its OSTs, including Shingiru with Joshua and Our Vacation with fellow cast members.

Further, his collaboration with Epik High on Screen Time showcased a different facet of Hoshi's artistry, blending seamlessly into the introspective lyrics and rhythmic beats. The track resonated deeply, reflecting on modern-day connections and the lingering echoes of past relationships with poignant honesty.

Adding to his musical repertoire, Hoshi's OST Goddess of Despair for ASTRA: Knights of Veda plunged listeners into a realm of resilience and inner strength. The song's powerful message of overcoming adversity and embracing hope underscored Hoshi's ability to evoke emotions through his vocals, offering solace and motivation to listeners worldwide.


Throughout his solo endeavors, Hoshi continues to carve his unique path in the music industry, blending creativity with authenticity to leave a lasting impact on fans worldwide. His solo releases not only showcase his artistic growth but also affirm his status as a multifaceted performer beyond SEVENTEEN.

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