Jeonghan x Wonwoo's THIS MAN Review: SEVENTEEN members deliver mood-driven album with evocative soundscapes

SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan and Wonwoo have revealed the tracklist for their upcoming unit album THIS MAN, set for release on June 17. Here's what we think about it!

Updated on Jun 19, 2024  |  01:39 AM IST |  123.9K
SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan and Wonwoo; Image Courtesy: PLEDIS Entertainment
SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan and Wonwoo; Image Courtesy: PLEDIS Entertainment
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  • SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan and Wonwoo dropped 1st single album THIS MAN on June 17
  • Our thoughts on Jeonghan and Wonwoo's THIS MAN

Jeonghan and Wonwoo from SEVENTEEN have officially debuted as a subunit named JEONGHAN X WONWOO with their album titled THIS MAN. Announced on May 20 at midnight KST, SEVENTEEN revealed the exciting collaboration between Jeonghan and Wonwoo, leading to the release of their single album on June 17.

Inspired by an urban legend about a man observed in dreams worldwide, THIS MAN showcases evocative soundscapes and a unique narrative crafted by genre fiction writer Jo Ye Eun.

About Jeonghan and Wonwoo’s THIS MAN

On June 17, SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan and Wonwoo marked their debut as the subunit JEONGHAN X WONWOO with their album THIS MAN. This release represents their first venture together outside of the group, exploring an intriguing narrative inspired by a worldwide urban legend. 

The title track, Last Night, blends Latin rhythms and acoustic guitar melodies, crafted with the collaborative efforts of SEVENTEEN's Woozi, producer BUMZU, and guitarist Park Juwon. The album delves into themes of mystery and pursuit, echoed in tracks like Beautiful Monster, showcasing Jeonghan's dynamic vocals and Leftover, highlighting Wonwoo's distinct talents. 

Watch the music video for SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan and Wonwoo’s Last Night


1. Last Night

Last Night by Jeonghan and Wonwoo of SEVENTEEN paints a nocturnal dreamscape with its unique blend of acoustic serenity and pulsating electro-pop rhythms. Juwon Park's delicate guitar strings weave seamlessly with a robust bassline, setting the stage for the duo's introspective journey through lost love and longing for solace within dreams. 


Directed by HOBIN, the music video dives into a captivating narrative inspired by a global urban legend reminiscent of films like Inception, where Jeonghan and Wonwoo traverse dreamscapes in pursuit of elusive desires. The track's evocative sound, anchored by a catchy synth loop, nods to SEVENTEEN's earlier stylistic roots while maintaining a fresh allure. 

Though the song's whispered vocals and subtle buildup create a satisfying tension, its reluctance to crescendo leaves listeners yearning for a more resounding climax. Nevertheless, Last Night succeeds in crafting an atmospheric experience, rich with dark allure and a hint of sensuality, resonating with the album's recurring theme of enigmatic dream voyages.

2. Beautiful Monster

Beautiful Monster by Jeonghan delves into a hauntingly beautiful realm where love and dreams intertwine. Penned by WOOZI, BUMZU, Jintae Ko, David Brook, and Mike Gonek, the song captivates with its introspective lyrics and ethereal melody. Jeonghan's emotive delivery navigates the complexities of yearning and protection, painting a portrait of a dream-like state where reality blurs with desire. 


The track's enchanting blend of acoustic elements and subtle electronic beats creates a mesmerizing soundscape complemented by Jeonghan's evocative vocals. Beautiful Monster evokes a sense of longing and devotion as the protagonist grapples with an unattainable love, encapsulated in the repeated refrain of "one and only you." 

With its dreamy atmosphere and lyrical depth, the song resonates as a poignant exploration of the bittersweet allure of romantic obsession and the allure of the unattainable.

3. Leftover

Leftover by Wonwoo delves into the depths of longing and heartache with poignant lyrics that resonate deeply. Co-written by WOOZI, BUMZU, and Wonwoo himself, the song navigates the aftermath of a relationship, where emotions linger like remnants of a past love.

Wonwoo's emotive vocals capture the essence of loneliness and reflection, painting a vivid picture of the emotional scars left behind. The song's gentle melody and understated instrumentation create a melancholic atmosphere, perfectly complementing its introspective lyrics. Leftover unfolds like a heartfelt confession, expressing a desire for closure and acceptance amidst lingering pain. 


It invites listeners into a contemplative journey through memories and unresolved feelings, making it a touching portrayal of love's aftermath. Wonwoo's delivery imbues the track with sincerity and vulnerability, making Leftover a standout piece that resonates with anyone who has experienced the lingering ache of lost love.

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