Did Fantastic Four Inspire Despicable Me 4? Explored

Is it true that, set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Fantastic Four inspired the animated comedy Despicable Me 4?. Here’s what we know.

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Credit: Official Trailer/ Youtube
Despicable Me 4 (Credit: Official Trailer/ Youtube)

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from Despicable Me 4

The animated comedy Despicable Me 4 introduces Mega Minions in this installment, keeping Gru's yellow sidekicks in key roles. After two prequels in the past, Despicable Me 4 shifts focus back to Gru and the Minions, expanding the Minion group. While Phil, Ralph, and Ron join Gru in witness protection, the rest join the Anti-Villain League. 

Mega Minions in the film are a new group with unique powers. They play a crucial role in the film's ending and Maxime Le Mal's defeat. With their origins and powers, more adventures can be expected. 

Anti-villain league creates mega minions with super serum

The Mega Minions are not a new organic sub-species. The Anti-Villain League created them using a super serum, preparing for powerful returning villains. Instead of testing on humans, Silas used the minions to check if the serum would grant powers or be lethal.

The Anti-Villain League created only a few Mega Minions by placing them in a pod and injecting them with a super serum. The first round was successful, giving the Minions powers. However, it's unclear if these powers are permanent and more tests would be required to create more Mega Minions. In the film, five Mega Minions are created as only five pods are available, some being destroyed during transformation. This limits the AVL from making more Mega Minions after the initial success.


The five Mega Minions include characters from previous films and new introductions: Dave, Mel, Gus, Jerry, and Tim. Dave and Tim are originals to the franchise, with the former appearing in every film. Mel debuted in Despicable Me 3, while Gus and Jerry are new to Despicable Me 4. They quickly became popular among the other minions post-transformation.

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Mega Minions unveils unique powers in Despicable Me 4 

Dave gains super strength, easily breaking out of his pod to grow larger; Mel uses laser vision that cuts through anything; Tim stretches with elasticity; Jerry transforms into a rock-like form, tough and able to eat anything; and Gus gains flight with a cone-shaped head. 

It seems like the Mega Minions' powers are loosely inspired by Marvel's Fantastic Four, as mentioned by co-director Chris Renaud to EW. Jerry's rock-like abilities resemble The Thing, Tim's elasticity is akin to Mr. Fantastic, and Mel's laser vision is reminiscent of Cyclops from X-Men.


Illumination hasn't confirmed the future of the Mega Minions after Despicable Me 4, but their return is expected. Fans are hoping that their superhero-like potential could lead to a spinoff or new direction for the franchise, possibly in Minions 3. With their small role in Despicable Me 4, there's room for growth in future films. The Anti-Villain League might create more Mega Minions, expanding their roster and powers in sequels or spinoffs. 

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