“I Grew Up in Caves”: When Brad Pitt Opened Up About His Hometown And Growing Up Around Cornfields

Brad Pitt reflects on his small-town roots and childhood surrounded by cornfields. Read on to learn more about his nostalgic journey.

Published on Jul 09, 2024  |  09:43 PM IST |  40.9K
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Brad Pitt, who resides in Springfield, spoke with GQ Style magazine. Michael Paterniti, a writer for GQ, The New Yorker, Harper's Magazine, and other national media, conducted an interview with Pitt. Images from fashion shoots held over the course of eight days in March at three national parks were included with the story.

The question about Pitt's Springfield upbringing came up, as it often does in Pitt interviews.

A closer look at Brad Pitt's childhood in Springfield, Missouri

When Brad Pitt reflected on his childhood in Springfield, Missouri, he described it as a mix of rural charm and curious contradictions. Surrounded by vast cornfields, he found it odd that they frequently served canned vegetables instead.

Just a short drive away, the scenery changed to dense forests, flowing rivers, and the beautiful Ozark Mountains, which he found breathtaking. When asked if his childhood was similar to Huck Finn's, Pitt agreed, explaining that it was roughly half the time. 

When Brad Pitt thought back to his early years in Springfield, Missouri, he recalled the caves and his family's early membership in the First Baptist Church, which was well-known for its rigid adherence to traditional values. 

They changed to a more charismatic Christian movement later in his high school career. Pitt was greatly impacted by this change, which brought with it practices like intense worship and speaking in tongues. Pitt was raised in the Ozark Mountains. These encounters highlighted the range of influences that molded his early years.


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Brad Pitt's reflections on faith, family, and fame

When asked about his experiences speaking in tongues, Brad Pitt acknowledged the sincerity of those who believed in it, describing it as a complicated aspect of human nature. 

Reflecting on his upbringing, he recalled how his parents allowed him to attend rock concerts. This was even though their religious community considered such events controversial. 

The actor briefly mentioned his split from Angelina Jolie. He stated that it occurred following an incident on a flight involving him and his son, Maddox. Pitt's comments shed light on his family dynamics in public. 

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