Interview With The Vampire Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Tensions Rise Between Louis And Armand; Revealing Hidden Secrets

Claudia feels trapped in her role at the Théâtre des Vampires, repeating a haunting song that mirrors her inner turmoil.

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Interview With The Vampire Recap (Instagram/@immortal_amc)

I Don’t Like Windows When They’re Closed is a catchy song from the latest Interview With the Vampire episode, reminiscent of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. The episode opens with the play Claudia was promised, featuring the creepy song My Baby Loves Windows. 

Interview With The Vampire Season 2 Episode 4 sees shift in power dynamics within the coven


Claudia plays Lulu, a girl who thinks she's a bird and jumps out a window, dying on the pavement. The song repeats several times, showing how Claudia feels trapped in her body and coven.

The Paris audience loves the show, making it a hit, with people dressing up in Baby Lu costumes and sitting in the blood splash zone.

Armand proudly mentions the show's success and holds onto the script with critical notes. Claudia, however, is bored and feels like a fierce vampire trapped in a child's body. She expresses her desire to work backstage instead.

Armand takes the coven's theater seriously, needing everyone to buy into the ritual. Meanwhile, there's tension as Louis is allowed to stay without fully committing. Santiago confronts Louis and Armand about their relationship, leading to an awkward moment.

Louis and Armand argue about labels after their relationship with Lestat. Louis still hallucinates ghost Lestat, who comments on their secret. Daniel interrupts, asking if Louis is schizophrenic, which surprises Armand. Daniel's questions about a fire that burned down the Théâtre des Vampires unsettle Armand, revealing hidden truths.


In the past, Armand forces Claudia to stay in costume, and Santiago finds her writing in her diary, breaking vampire rules. He saves her diary when she tries to destroy it. At a dinner, Santiago hints he knows Louis is lying about his backstory, leading to a confrontation.

Louis feels inadequate around human artists and burns his photos, practicing a fire trick he learned from Armand. This creative destruction highlights their different influences. Louis and Armand's dynamic shifts when Armand reveals his backstory, including being sold into slavery and rescued by Marius. This history changes how Louis sees Armand.

Claudia befriends Madeleine, but Armand threatens her. Claudia confronts Louis, who dismisses her concerns. Louis finally breaks up with ghost Lestat, and Armand expresses his fear of mutiny in the coven. Santiago takes control, leading to a power shift between Louis and Armand.

In the present, Daniel finds evidence of past attacks and Armand's involvement, raising more questions about their history.


Delainey Hayles drops hints at the upcoming storyline 


Claudia's relationship with Santiago, played by Ben Daniels, is complex and layered. Delainey Hayles describes it as a mix of admiration and tension to the Screen Rant. Similarly, her bond with Madeleine, portrayed by Roxane Duran, is built on mutual understanding and support. Both characters are ostracized and find comfort in each other’s company.

Delainey told the outlet, "Yes. Roxane and I were trying to build something beautiful for both of them. I think they're both in extremely complicated circumstances where they're both being ostracized by their community, and they see something in each other that's very pure. They're kind of floating around each other because they understand that they're both going through something."

Hayles gave spoilers saying, "I'm trying not to say too much, but they're both going through something, and it's very pure and lovely. I like how the writers interpreted their relationship this season because they kept the bond that they have in the books and the love that they have for each other. It's a mutual understanding, and I like the way that the script is very direct, but it's also poetic."


Looking ahead, Delainey hints at significant developments in episodes 7 and 8, which she considers particularly important for Claudia's character. She also expresses excitement about future storylines, such as the potential exploration of the Queen of the Damned.

In Interview with the Vampire season 2, the story continues with Louis recounting his life to journalist Daniel Molloy. The narrative follows the aftermath of events in New Orleans and Louis and Claudia's journey to Europe in search of Old World Vampires and the Théâtre des Vampires in Paris. There, Louis meets Armand, leading to a complex and impactful relationship.

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