‘This Is The Most Fun’: Kate Hudson Embraces Music Career After Two Decades In Acting

Kate Hudson, known for her roles in movies like Almost Famous and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, is now stepping into the music world with her debut album, Glorious.

Published on Jun 03, 2024  |  01:41 PM IST |  33.5K
(Image Courtesy: Instagram)
Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Kate Hudson
Key Highlight
  • After two decades of acting, Kate Hudson is stepping into the music industry with her debut album
  • Hudson is thrilled by the warm reception and kind compliments she has received for her singing

Kate Hudson, who is widely known for her acting career and her roles in movies like Almost Famous and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, is now ready to showcase her musical talents and enter into the music world with the debut of her new album, Glorious, as per Variety. With the announcement of her new Netflix series, Running Point, Kate has opened up about her journey into the world of music.

A new chapter in music

Kate Hudson has always been into music and now she has made her debut with her album, which has been greeted with great excitement and admiration. Promoting her album, Glorious, in shows like The Voice Finale and Howard Stern's show has shown her the amount of love she has received. Being overwhelmed and gratified with this love, she has overcome her anxiety about opening up to the world with her singing. "I used to be so nervous when I would sing... my fear made me angry," she said.

The experience of singing that made her anxious before is now bringing joy to her. The positive reaction she has been receiving from the public for her album makes her recall the fun and excitement she had while working on it. She said, "During writing and making this album, something clicked in me, and I was like, ‘This is the most fun,’ and I’ve loved sharing it."


Balancing acting and music

As Kate has started her music career, she hasn't abandoned her acting. Her new Netflix series, Running Point by Mindy Kaling, is being filmed currently, where she plays a Jeannie Buss kind of role in the basketball world. She wishes for the series to be prolonged to four seasons, showing her passion and joy for acting and the series. "I hope we do four seasons. You know, I’ve never felt that way before," she said.

Balancing her acting and music, she is eager to travel and perform songs live on stage. "I’m going to take a little vacation, and then I’d like to put a real tour together and really tour the album," she said. The experience of performing live is a thrilling one for Kate, as she recalls her first live show at the Bellwether, saying, "That was really my first show with people that I don’t really know, with fans, and it was a wild experience."


Hudson is deeply moved by the reaction she has been receiving for her album, talking about the compliments she has received: "Oh my God, how could you ever get tired of hearing that? It’s so kind." In this world where positive comments are so rare, she feels deeply appreciative of the comments she has been reading on social media: "I’ve felt very emotional about the kindness that I’ve felt." She opened up about the personal nature of her work in the album, saying, "When you’re doing something from a really honest place, I think most people feel it and root for it."

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Know more about Kate Hudson's new album, Glorious:

Has Kate Hudson performed any of her new songs live?
Yes, Kate Hudson has performed songs from her album Glorious live, including appearances on TV shows like The Voice finale and Howard Stern's show.

Does Kate Hudson plan to tour with her new album?
Yes, Kate Hudson plans to organize a tour to perform songs from Glorious live after taking a short vacation.

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