The Last Thing He Told Me Season 1 Ending Explained: Why Did Owen Leave At The End?

The Last Thing He Told Me, on Apple TV+, follows Hannah (Jennifer Garner) as she unravels the mystery of her husband Owen's (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) disappearance, leading to danger and discovery.

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PC: YouTube/Apple TV
The Last Thing He Told Me (PC: YouTube/Apple TV)
Key Highlight
  • Owen vanishes to protect his stepdaughter Bailey
  • Hannah's journey to ensure Bailey's safety

Trigger warning: This article contains spoilers from the series.

In Apple TV's The Last Thing He Told Me, Jennifer Garner acts as Hannah, a role adapted from Laura Dave’s novel. Soon after her husband Owen (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) disappears, everything becomes chaotic and dangerous for her. Consequently, leaving her stepdaughter Bailey (Angourie Rice) to unravel the truth behind his sudden departure.

Owen’s disappearance: A price worth paying for safety

By the end of season 1, Owen had left Texas and gone into hiding under a new name in a witness protection program. His true identity was compromised and if he stayed it would have put him and his loved ones at risk. He decided to vanish to protect his step-daughter Bailey. If disappearing meant she would be alright even though he could no longer be by her side.

This new development comes with a revelation that Owen played a major role in putting Bailey’s grandfather Nicholas(David Morse), and other criminals behind bars. This betrayal puts Owen on the crosshair making it imperative that he vanishes to ensure the safety of his loved ones.

Hannah's journey and sacrifice

In The Last Thing He Told Me Hannah has taken over as guardian for Bailey. She makes hard choices while negotiating with dangerous characters connected to Owen’s past. 


There are tense confrontations during her trip which eventually ends up with Nicholas’ agreement to keep Bailey safe.

With this selfless act of hers, Hannah can never look back at Owen again but allows Bailey to lead a normal life out of the shadows cast by Owen’s past mistakes. In the series finale moments, we see five years pass by as Hannah settles into this new reality. While inside an art gallery, she meets a bearded man who turns out to be Owen. Their short reunion reminds fans that love conquers all odds; they always think about each other.

During their conversation, Hannah is affectionately called Mom by Bailey. This incident plays a role in strengthening their relationship. The significance of Hannah’s sacrifice is immense. By doing this, she realizes that her decision resulted in Bailey’s safety and future even if Owen were no longer there.

Unraveling the mystery


Issues on trust, family, and love as a line are dealt with in The Last Thing He Told Me. In this story, we follow Hannah Hall as she finds herself entangled in the webs surrounding her husband’s sudden disappearance. Consequently, this leads to an unexpected alliance between her and stepdaughter Bailey which exposes them to Owen’s hidden past leading them towards more danger.

The renewal of the series for season two in March 2024 shows that there are still aspects of this thrilling tale yet to be revealed. As they continue with their journey, fans should anticipate more surprises from Hannah and Bailey.

If you stream Apple TV+ on your device then you can watch The Last Thing He Told Me. It offers viewers an action-packed emotional thriller that looks at what lengths people would go through to protect those they care about most.

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Why did Owen disappear in The Last Thing He Told Me?
Owen disappeared to protect his stepdaughter Bailey after his real identity was compromised.

What is the central theme of the series?
The series explores trust, family, and the lengths one will go to protect loved ones.

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