Will Robert Pattinson's The Batman Appear In The Penguin? Fan Theories And Rumors Explored

New rumors suggest Robert Pattinson will appear in The Penguin. The latest entry from DC focuses on Colin Farrell’s titular role.

Published on Jun 29, 2024  |  06:06 PM IST |  49.8K
Robert Pattinson might appear in The Penguin
The Batman and The Penguin (YouTube)

In the midst of a totally renewed universe of DCU, led by James Gunn and Peter Safran, a Colin Farrell starrer series, The Penguin has hyped up the fanatics of Detective Comics. Now, a few rumors point towards the appearance of Robert Pattinson’s The Batman in the Max spin-off.  

Let’s have a look at what fans think of a cameo by the Vengeance in Lauren LeFranc’s series.

Rumors about Robert Pattinson's Batman in The Penguin

The Penguin happens to be a new excitement amongst the superhero fanatics, brought forth by Max. While the spin-off already has a grand cast, starring Colin Farrell in the titular role alongside Clancy Brown and Cristin Milioti, another big name has been rumored to join the series. 

During the latest episode of The Hot Mic, a renowned Hollywood insider, Jeff Sneider, spilled a few beans that surely make the show even more interesting. As per Sneider, who was talking about The Penguin, Robert Pattinson's Batman has a confirmed appearance in the series.   

While the news still happens to be a rumor, as no confirmed updates have surfaced yet, it is possible that the caped crusader would appear in a single episode, that too for a few minutes. 


Remember the Gotham series that had the young Bruce Wayne in it? It is also possible that the Dark Knight portrayed by the Light House actor would have a cameo just like Daredevil had in She-Hulk and Echo. 

Whatever it may be, fans are surely going to have a blast once they see their most recent and a noir-styled Batman on screen, after his 2022 introduction. Moreover, the fans are already seen hyped up, as they have started a poll on social media. 

An account that goes by the name of DC Cinematic on Reddit, had begun a poll, that reads, “Will Robert Pattinson have a cameo in 'The Penguin'?” even before the rumors had gripped the industry. 

While the poll has been closed with 635 votes, 268 people suggest that Pattinson will appear in The Penguin as Bruce Wayne.

Fans reacting to Robert Pattinson in The Penguin rumors

DC fanatics have been all excited with the rumored news of Robert Pattinson's Batman appearing in The Penguin. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), the die-hard followers of Batman expressed their emotions by stating, “Please please please please please please please be true.” 


Another shared a really intriguing input on X, “If this is true, they should end the Penguin series with an adaptation of the Year One “none of you are safe” scene! That would be kicka**!”

Many others were seen suggesting when would Pattinson appear, “Probably be a cameo or something and it’ll be in the last episode.”

About The Penguin

After the events of The Batman, Penguin, who happens to be the next big bad in Gotham City’s criminal underworld will start to take measures to have the city under his control. 

The titular character who has been brought back in the series, created by Lauren LeFranc, was shown to be the chief lieutenant of late crime boss, Carmine Falcone, in the 2022 movie. 

However, while detailing his character of Oswald "Oz" Cobblepot, Colin Farrell stated to MovieZine, "The death of Carmine Falcone at the end of (The Batman) leaves this vacuum in Gotham to be filled. 


The actor further mentioned that while many in Gotham City are chasing the throne of Falcone, the story will show Peguin's journey as he rises to the top, while also calling the series “super dark” and “twisted eight hours of television" by creator LeFranc.

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Who is the creator of The Penguin?
Lauren LeFranc is the creator of The Penguin.

Who stars as the Penguin in the series?
Colin Farrell is the Penguin in the series.

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