'Y'all Messin' Up My Pyros': Cardi B Calls Out Production Crew After BET Experience Concert

Cardi B had some strong criticism for the production team about pyrotechnics during her BET Experience concert. Read to know what happened.

Published on Jun 30, 2024  |  05:10 PM IST |  40.6K
Instagram / Cardi B
Instagram / Cardi B

Cardi B blasted the production team on BET Experience concert for pyrotechnical issues, stage fans problems and ruining her music.

Several videos from Cardi B’s concert at the 2024 BET Experience event were posted by Los Angeles radio station Real 92.3 on their Instagram page on Saturday (June 29). However, there was one in particular that caught the attention of fans. She called them out for messing up her performance loud and clear.

Cardi B unhappy with BET Experience concert production team

In a viral video, Cardi B lambasted the production crew for their alleged poor work. The WAP rapper was clearly mad about pyrotechnics trouble, stage fans problem or music issue.

She began by telling off the production team for the broken pyrotechnics, non-functioning fan stages and more. She wondered why she paid them so much money if they could not do what she wanted.

She ranted, "No offense, yo, but production..y'all messin' up my pyros, the fans is off. Y'all messing up my music. What the f**k I'm paying y'all p***y n****s for?"

Cardi repeatedly called for her stage fan to be turned on but the video ended before any resolution could be seen.

Cardi B reacts to backlash over her rant against BET Experience concert production team

Some people did not like how Cardi treated her production staff. One person criticized X (formerly known as Twitter) writing that no one should ever be disrespected that way. But the Brox rapper shut them up rather quickly.


She wrote on X, "I paid 350,000 up front the least they could do is get my pyro ready and turn the fans on because guess what??? At the end of the day that money is not returnable… don’t half a** my show because you comfortable when I definitely don’t half ass when it comes to paying.. don’t tell me how to talk to anybody when you the same ho talkin bout my kids and other deceased parents for no reason."

In another post, Cardi explained how her 100000 USD went down the drain owing to incompetence by the production team at BET who never worked with fire marshals thus there were no fireworks during her performance due to safety issues. She said, "Don’t play with my money in this economy honey."

Furthermore as per her explanation they played wrong songs mix throughout and failed to even turn on the four stage fans she had paid for. Some fans offered her kudos for speaking out about the situation that disrupted her performance.


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