Hong Joo’s spell book, Bong Seok’s flying, and more; Choose 2023 K-drama superpower you would like to have

From Hong Joo’s spell book to Bong Seok’s powers and more. Which 2023 K-drama superpower will you have? Pick your favorite from the poll below

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Destined With You-JTBC, Moving- Disney+
Destined With You-JTBC, Moving- Disney+
Key Highlight
  • 2023 has seen some amazing K-dramas featuring superpowers
  • Pick your favorite superpower from our poll below

In 2023, we've witnessed intriguing K-drama superpowers in fantasy and sci-fi series. Whether it's Lee Hong Jo's enchanting spell book featuring spells like the Love spell and fair skin spell in Destined With You, or the characters in Moving, a series unraveling the tales of everyday individuals with extraordinary superhuman abilities; share your preference for the most appealing 2023 K-drama superpower in the poll below.

Destined With You narrates an enchanting love tale between Lee Hong Jo (Jo Bo Ah) and Jang Shin Yu (Rowoon). The plot revolves around a forbidden book sealed for 300 years, which falls into Hong Jo's hands, leading to Shin Yu becoming ensnared by the book's curse and falling in love with Hong Jo. 

Behind Your Touch follows a veterinarian Bong Ye Bun endowed with psychometric abilities and a passionate detective Moon Jang Yeol as they navigate a perilous criminal situation while tackling minor cases in a quaint Mujin town, Chungcheong-do. Bong Ye Bun's magical touch allows her to explore anyone's memories, unveiling their entire life stories.

Kim Bong Seok, Jang Hee Soo, and Lee Gang Hoon share a high school life, appearing as typical students in this Sci-fi K-drama Moving. Yet, each possesses unique inherited abilities: Bong Seok can fly, Hee Soo excels in athletics and swiftly heals from injuries, and Gang Hoon exhibits extraordinary power and speed. Balancing ordinary student life with concealing their exceptional gifts, their parents strive to shield them from exploitation by others.


Ban Ji Eum, portrayed by Shin Hye Sun, is a girl caught in a cycle of reincarnation spanning almost a millennium, retaining memories of each of her past lives. Following a poignant end in her eighteenth life, marked by a tragic accident, she resolves to reunite with the man from her preceding life in her nineteenth incarnation.

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