'Now there are three of us': G-Dragon opens up on possible group activities with BIGBANG members

BIGBANG's G-Dragon shares insights on group dynamics and future plans with members in a recent interview, hinting at their supportive bond amid solo pursuits. Read on!

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BIGBANG's G-Dragon, Daesung and Taeyang; Image Courtesy: GALAXY Corp and G-Dragon's Instagram
BIGBANG's G-Dragon, Daesung and Taeyang; Image Courtesy: GALAXY Corp and G-Dragon's Instagram
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  • BIGBANG's G-Dragon dishes on the current dynamics between members
  • A catch-up on G-Dragon's recent engagements

BIGBANG's G-Dragon recently opened up about potential group activities with his fellow members amid their busy schedules. In a candid interview, he discussed their current dynamics and hinted at their focus during gatherings. Meanwhile, G-Dragon was recently appointed as a visiting professor at KAIST

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon on the group’s current dynamics

In the latest issue of Elle Korea, BIGBANG's G-Dragon candidly discussed the current dynamics among the group members. Reflecting on this, G-Dragon revealed, “Now there are three of us”. He further went on to shed some light on their interactions, sharing that they seldom discuss the current dynamics between themselves during their gatherings. 

He said that instead, their conversations naturally gravitate towards topics of mutual interest or those currently in the spotlight. Meanwhile, G-Dragon was recently seen supporting his group mates on their solo endeavors. He encouraged Taeyang for his recent album release and attended Daesung's fan meeting earlier this spring. Regarding their competition with industry juniors, G-Dragon said that they often wondered, “Wouldn’t it be difficult for us to deal with our juniors?”

More about G-Dragon’s latest activities

Earlier this month, G-Dragon was appointed as a visiting professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at KAIST, following his participation in the Innovate Korea 2024 talk show held at KAIST headquarters in Daejeon on June 5. Innovate Korea 2024, a collaborative event between KAIST and the National Research Council of Science and Technology (NST), saw G-Dragon join discussions on the future of artificial intelligence (AI) and its intersection with K-pop alongside Galaxy Corporation’s CEO Choi Yong Ho and KAIST's president Lee Kwang Hyung.


His role as visiting professor extends for two years, until June 4, 2026, and he will also serve as a global ambassador for KAIST, enhancing the institution's global presence. G-Dragon will deliver lectures on leadership tailored for undergraduate and graduate students, drawing from his experiences as an artist to provide valuable insights and a broader worldview.

Expressing his honor at joining KAIST, G-Dragon highlighted the institution's reputation for nurturing scientific talent. He looks forward to the collaborative opportunities between scientific expertise and entertainment, likening it to a "big bang" of creativity. 

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