What is the popular ‘Black card’ in K-pop industry? Check who owns it

Black card is a term that every K-pop stan and K-drama fan is familiar with, but what exactly is this black card, and why is it so special? Keep reading to know more.

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BTS' Jungkook, Jin and BLACKPINK's Lisa; Image courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC, YG Entertainment
BTS' Jungkook, Jin and BLACKPINK's Lisa; Image courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC, YG Entertainment

The Black card is a luxurious statement piece that is not accessible to everyone. Only a select few are privileged enough to possess this exclusive card. The Black credit card is a card with no spending limit whatsoever. Many people might be curious about the significance of the black card in the K-pop scene and what it means for an artist to own one.

What does it mean to possess a Black card in K-pop?

A Black Card is a limitless credit card that is issued to only select individuals who meet the criteria for ownership and have substantial expenses. This ultra-exclusive credit card is reserved for the incredibly wealthy who have immense spending power and an exceptionally high net worth. The black card can be used for a wide range of purchases, including plane tickets, luxury shopping sprees, and any other expenses the cardholder desires.

Many K-drama fans might be familiar with the stylish black card from the popular series Business Proposal, where the male lead, played by Ahn Hyo Seop, flashed the card in front of everyone to demonstrate how his love, like the black card he possesses, knows no bounds. The scene was adored by fans everywhere. In real life, owning a Black card is a significant achievement, as it serves as a proclamation of one's wealth and financial status. In the world of K-pop, possessing this luxury black card is a powerful statement. The card is incredibly rare, and even among K-pop idols and artists, not everyone has the privilege of owning one.


Exceptionally wealthy businessmen, along with Korean idols and artists who have achieved immense net worth and generate substantial income, are among the privileged few who can obtain a Black card. Possessing this card is akin to a blessing, thanks to its limitless spending potential and the powerful statement it makes about one's financial status. Owning a Black card adds an aura of sophistication and opulence that sets the cardholder apart from others.

The most popular black cards that are available in Korea include the Hyundai Card’s The Black, Hana Card’s Club 1, Samsung Card’s Raume O, and Tantum by KB Kookmin Card. The expense to keep one is rumored to be more than two million Korean Won. These cards were released in South Korea after the companies were inspired by the Amex Black Card and thought of offering the same in Korea. 

What qualifies one to own a Black card?

The black card in Korea is rumored to be an invitation-only luxury, and individuals cannot apply for the card themselves. The official procedure for selecting black card holders or even the application process has never been publicly revealed. It is generally implied that celebrities who have a net worth of at least 16 million US dollars and an average annual expenditure of 120,000 US dollars are eligible for this coveted card.

An extraordinarily high net worth, coupled with distinguished fame in the Korean entertainment industry, are some of the prerequisites for obtaining the elite black card. It's no wonder that the card is considered the ultimate flex in the K-pop scene. In addition to the suave and wealthy image the card projects, it also comes with numerous perks and privileges. These include upgrades to first-class when flying and exclusive discounts and vouchers for luxury brands, high-end hotels, and more.

Which K-pop idols possess the elite limitless Black card?

The black card is known to be the biggest flex in the Korean industry and exudes class and status. The question now becomes who in K-pop has this exclusive black card. Many K-pop idols are seen using their black cards in public when they are with friends or family or sometimes even in their vlogs. 

1. BTS’ Jin

The oldest of the BTS members, Jin was once seen paying for a meal celebrating Suga’s birthday with his black card. He is rumored to have the Hyundai Card’s The Black.


2. BTS’ Jungkook

Jungkook of BTS, the golden maknae is golden in every way as he also owns the limitless back card. Once he tried to swipe it on a vending machine too, but in a funny moment it was rejected. He has been seen using the card in many videos of the group.

3. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon a member of one of the most popular K-pop acts ever is the owner of the black card. He even mentioned that he owned one on the Weekly Idol show. 

4. BIGBANG’s Taeyang 

Taeyang of BIGBANG, also like his leader had mentioned that he was a possessor of the elite black card on the same show. 

5. Jeon Somi 

Jeon Somi, the viral Fast Forward song’s singer showed her black card in her show I am Somi. 

6. Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation

Taeyeon was seen making payments with her black card in videos on her YouTube channel. It’s no surprise that To. X’s singer owns this card. 


Lisa the stylish and beautiful singer of Money has got it all in real as she is the owner of the luxurious black card. She was seen using it in one of BLACKPINK’s videos.

8. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Jennie, another member of the girl group BLACKPINK has the limitless card and has been seen using the card a few times.

9. TXT’s Yeonjun

Yeonjun of Tomorrow X Together once in their videos decided to treat his members and used the Black card to pay.

10. EXO’s Suho

Suho is known as one of the richest members of EXO and is said to have a Hyundai Card’s The Black. In EXO’s Show Time, he had mentioned owning a black card himself.

The elite black card in Korea is truly a dream come true, serving as a dominant statement piece. As mentioned in this article, some K-pop idols have the luxury of possessing this exclusive card. These idols have achieved significant popularity not only in Korea but also on an international scale, so it is hardly surprising to learn that they own a black card.


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FAQs about K-pop idols who own a black card

Which BTS member has black card?
Two BTS members have the luxurious and limitless black card: Jin and Jungkook.

Who in BLACKPINK has a black card?
Lisa and Jennie of BLACKPINK own the elite limitless black card.

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