Top 10 K-pop idols with tattoos: BTS’ Jimin, GOT7’s Jackson, BLACKPINK’s Lisa and more

In the evolving landscape of Korean culture, tattoos are gaining acceptance and breaking stereotypes. Here are some of the K-pop idols that flaunt tattoos.

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BTS' Jungkook, GOT7's Jackson, BLACKPINK's Lisa; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUIC, Jackson & Lisa's Instagram
BTS' Jungkook, GOT7's Jackson, BLACKPINK's Lisa; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUIC, Jackson & Lisa's Instagram

Tattoos, once stigmatized in Korean culture, are gradually gaining acceptance, challenging societal norms. In K-pop, cute, minimalist tattoos are no longer unusual; however, idols flaunting more prominent ink or piercings remain infrequent. Despite the evolving mindset, particularly among older generations, a few bold idols like BTS' Jimin, Jungkook, G-Dragon, HyunA, and others proudly display their tattoos. 

When these stars are granted the opportunity to reveal their body art, fans celebrate the breaking of traditional boundaries. The presence of these tattoos not only showcases personal expression but also contributes to reshaping perceptions around body art in South Korea's entertainment industry. As these K-pop idols with tattoos defy conventions, their influence becomes instrumental in fostering a more inclusive and diverse cultural landscape.

Here's a list of top 10 K-pop idols with tattoos

1. BTS' friendship tattoo

BTS members marked their enduring friendship with a symbolic 7 tattoo. SUGA initiated the idea, and during their annual Festa dinner party video, within a year, the band members revealed their ink. RM (on his ankle), J-hope (right above his Achilles tendon), Jimin (on the side of his index finger), Jungkook (behind his ear), Jin (on his waist), V (right above his knee), and SUGA (on his once-injured shoulder). Each personalized design of the shared symbol not only reflects their unity but also demonstrates the profound bond among the septet, creating a lasting testament to their journey as a group. The gesture resonated deeply with fans, celebrating the strength of BTS' friendship etched permanently in ink.


BTS' Jungkook, Jimin, SUGA & Jin with their friendship tattoo; Image Courtesy: POLYC's Instagram

BTS' RM, V and J-Hope's friendship tattoos; Image courtesy: POLYC's Instagram

2. BTS' Jimin

BTS' Jimin has intrigued the ARMY with his collection of seven tattoos, each carrying unique significance. Initially a temporary design, his NEVERMIND tattoo now stands permanently on his right side. The number 13 on his wrist is speculated to symbolize BTS's debut date and birthday. Two tattoos, young and forever, near each of his elbows pay homage to BTS' 2016 track Young Forever. Notably, a series of moon tattoos on the back of his neck revealed during his solo album FACE promotions, depict distinct lunar phases. Jimin's tattoo collection also includes the word youth in cursive style behind his ear, symbolizing BTS' song Youth. Jimin's tattoos offer a glimpse into his personal journey and connections with significant moments in BTS' history.

3. BTS’ Jungkook

Jungkook's extensive tattoo collection is a testament to his love for body art. Starting with ARMY and a purple heart on the back of his palm, he also showcases BTS' debut date and meaningful quotes on his forearm. Notably, a tiger lily, representing his birth flower, and a clock depicting his exact birth time adorn his forearm. Jungkook's elbow features the Chinese word Hwayangyeonhwa, translating to The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, accompanied by a design inspired by the traditional Korean painting technique, dancheong. Additionally, he has cover-up tattoos, including a cloud and lightning design and a transformed bulletproof design on his forearm. These intricate tattoos reflect Jungkook's personal journey, experiences, and deep connection with BTS and its albums.


4. BLACKPINK’s Lisa & Rosé

BLACKPINK's Lisa sports two known tattoos – a fairy on her arm and a flower on her back. The flower, a depiction of her favorite, the edelweiss, was revealed in March 2023. Meanwhile, Rosé bears a temporary arm tattoo, an h for her dog, Hank. She clarified it's not permanent and will fade away after a year or two.

5. TWICE’s Chaeyong

TWICE's Chaeyoung boasts a stunning collection of tattoos, showcasing her unique and artistic style. From the strawberry lips on her left wrist, symbolizing TWICE's official colors, to cute cherry tomatoes and carrots on her forearm, each tattoo reflects her personality. A heart with an arrow, a constellation, and a musical symbol further adorn her wrists, with fans speculating their meanings. Chaeyoung's self-designed fish tattoo, a birdcage showcased in a magazine photoshoot, and a vibrant butterfly near her hand add to her diverse ink collection. Notably, her back tattoo remains a mystery, but fans agree on its undeniable beauty. Recent additions like a potential penguin and a new neck tattoo keep fans intrigued by Chaeyoung's evolving tattoo journey.


6. GOT7 members

GOT7 members exhibit a diverse array of tattoos, each holding personal significance. Mark and Yugyeom share a Truth tattoo, jointly designed in calligraphy, showcasing their bond. Mark also has a joyful expression, the number 93 in Roman numerals, and various life mottos inked on his body. Jackson sports tattoos of his parents' birth dates, and Chinese zodiac symbols and represents TEAM WANG, his fashion venture. Youngjae's tattoos include the phrase Ars longa Vida Brevis and a mourning bow for the Sewol Ferry victims. BamBam's ink features his birthdate, the word king, and a distinctive three-faced design. Yugyeom boasts meaningful tattoos like I'm Not Like That from his song No Way, wings on his back, and nods to his Chinese zodiac sign and AGAHASE fandom. 

7. HyunA

HyunA's tattoo collection is a vibrant tapestry of personal expressions. From heartfelt messages like My mother is the heart that keeps me alive to shared symbols with her former fiancé Dawn, their LIFE tattoo, each ink tells a unique story. Latin words like Tempus and Fatum, a Hebrew word Emunah, and phrases like 60 Dad reflect familial ties and personal beliefs. Her affinity for delicate lines, dots, and colorful designs showcases diverse emotions, while themed tattoos like cherries, initials, and a pistol add layers to her self-expression. HyunA's body art is a canvas of memories, beliefs, and creative expressions, reflecting her multifaceted personality.


8. G-Dragon

BIGBANG's G-Dragon's extensive tattoo collection is a tapestry of personal expressions and artistic inspirations. From meaningful phrases like Vita Dolce and Moderato to nods to pop culture like the Dragon Ball tattoo, each ink tells a unique story. Artwork by Keith Haring and references to movies like Sid and Nancy add layers of creativity. His friendship with Taeyang is immortalized with matching Forever Young tattoos. Clever designs like Inhale and Exhale on his thighs reflect resilience during tough times. Numerical representations of his birthdate and symbolic elements like the crown and cross showcase the depth of G-Dragon's personal journey. From subtle emoticons on his fingers to bold statements like Mind Control, each tattoo contributes to the rich mosaic of G-Dragon's self-expression.

9. B.I 

Former iKON leader, B.I showcase distinctive tattoos that carry personal and artistic significance. His waist bears the powerful phrase 'Like father, like son, like master, like man,' reflecting layered reflections on identity. Across his chest, the tattoo 'Nihilism' suggests a contemplative engagement with philosophical concepts. Adding a touch of symbolism, his shoulder features a vivid image of a paper airplane with sails and colorful balloons, potentially representing iKON's track 'AIRPLANE.' Each tattoo on B.I's body seems to convey a unique facet of his thoughts and experiences.


10. Hyolyn

Hyolyn's cross tattoo stands out as an iconic symbol in the K-Pop industry, often showcased with her stylish outfits, enhancing her cool persona. The tattoo holds a profound meaning, serving as a deliberate cover for a scar resulting from surgery. HyoLyn openly expressed how the scar had been a significant source of self-consciousness, limiting her clothing choices and prompting constant efforts to conceal it. The cross design not only conceals the scar but also carries religious significance, reflecting her faith. Accompanied by writing that conveys a dedication to singing for someone, Hyolyn's tattoo becomes a powerful and personal statement in both aesthetic and meaning.

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Are tattoos allowed on K-pop idols?
While tattoos continue to be considered taboo to a certain extent in South Korea, people have significantly accepted it as a form of body art. Numerous idols now flaunt their tattoos.

Which K-pop idol has the most tattoos?
While it is difficult to answer which K-pop idol has the most tattoos, fans can always look up to some of their favourite idols flaunting various tattoos.

Does Soyeon have tattoos?
Yes, (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon has a lotus flower tattooed on her shoulder blade.

Can JYP idols have tattoos?
Though idols aren’t officially allowed to get tattoos, if they get one, they are expected to cover them up before making a television appearance.

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