EXCLUSIVE: Vishal OPENS UP on his Hindi debut: It is going to be a different experience for me

Vishal Krishna Reddy also opened up about online piracy and the current 'remake' trend.
South EXCLUSIVE: Vishal OPENS UP on his Hindi debut: It is going to be a different experience for me
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Vishal Krishna Reddy, who was recently seen in the action-drama film Chakra has evolved as one of the most successful Southern actors. The actor-turned-producer has hits such as "Sandakozhi", "Thimiru", "Naan Sigappu Manithan" and "Pandiya Naadu" to his credit. Well, of late, many actors have transitioned from South films to Bollywood and vice-versa. Looks like Kollywood star Vishal also has some plans about the same. Recently, in an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, the actor opened up about his Hindi debut plans. 

He said, "I'm keeping my lips sealed right now. There is something happening but it is too early to talk. There will be an announcement in March... It is going to be a different experience for me." Well, a big announcement about the same is awaited. 

In the coming days and months, we will see a lot of Bollywood films releasing in South dubbed languages and vice-versa. The remake trend has become Bollywood's go-to. When asked about the same, Vishal, proudly said, "I would say content is the king and during this lockdown, everyone got to see every language film, which we never had time to before. As an actor I keep running around for shoots and all, so we hardly get to watch any other language films but during this lockdown, everyone had to stay home and we had the opportunity to watch other languages, especially Malayalam, Marathi. To be honest, the content in South India is really good. That's the reason why they pick it up because the base is strong. When the case is strong, it is easy to build a house. That's why we see so a lot of South Indian remakes." 

Many South and Bollywood movies fall prey to piracy websites and have been leaked online even before it's big-screen release. We asked Vishal, what he thinks about the same since it massively affects the film's business and years of hard work of the team. He had a very strong reaction to the same and also revealed how he and his team had tried to clean online piracy in the past. 

"You know who is to be blamed? The actual film bodies and definitely the cyber cell of the government. I had handpicked like boys and made an anti-piracy team because that was my dream to wipe out piracy. I have been fighting it for a long time," said Vishal.