August Born's Love Life: 7 Truths that hold true about ALL August borns

If you know of somebody who is born in the month of August, or are born in the month yourself, here's everything that holds true for everybody who is born in this month.

Updated on Mar 18, 2024  |  05:05 PM IST |  1.9M
August Born's Love Life: 7 Truths that hold true about ALL August borns
August Born's Love Life: 7 Truths that hold true about ALL August borns

August babies are usually put under two separate categories - Leos or Virgos. But little do people realise that people born in this month deserve a category that is a class apart from everything else. They have their own unique personality traits that can be recognised anywhere and are unlike those born in any other month. They radiate confidence and seem like they are born leaders. Here are some lesser-known truths you need to know about people born in August which hold true for all of them. 


People born in this month are some of the most expressive people you will ever come across. They make for the best theatre artistes, actors, musicians, writers, etc. because that's just how good they are at expressing themselves. The thing with them, is that you always know how they feel. 


You will never seen people born in this month in debt, ever. They are extremely careful with their finances. They always seem to know how to prioritise their money so that they can have the best of everything. Settling for something, is not an option for them. 

Attention seekers

All August borns love being in the spotlight. They always want the attention to be on them at all times and seem to have no problem in getting the attention. They ensure they are well read before participating in the conversation or anything else they are part of. They fight for the attention well and in the right way. 



They can get annoyed at the smallest of things but keep their tremendous anger under wraps and only unleash it when absolutely necessary. Keep tugging at their nerves or cross their path and you will get to witness anger like no other!


They are as compassionate as they are expressive. They seem to understand how people are feeling and empathy comes easy to them whether it is towards other humans or animals. They will fight for your justice, be loyal to you and always seem to understand how you are feeling. 


Try finding an August born who has been sad for a long time, we dare you! People born in this month seem to be happy at all times and light up the entire room they are in. Yes they are sensitive and can get sad, but bounce back almost immediately, which makes for one of their best qualities!



They always seem to put on a tough exterior but they are some of the most sensitive people you will come across. You never how they might take what you are saying. They are extremely vulnerable and when they show you that side of them, you should consider yourself lucky. 

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