Kevin Durant’s Reaction to Drunk Mavericks Fans Calling Him a ‘Bi*ch’ During Pre-Game Warmup Goes Viral

Kevin Durant's reaction to drunk Mavericks fans calling him a 'bi*ch' during pre-game warmup goes viral. The incident sparked discussions about player-fan interactions in sports. Read more.

Updated on Feb 23, 2024  |  08:22 AM IST |  75.2K
Image Courtesy: Twitter
Image Courtesy: Twitter

NBA star Kevin Durant met a heckler head-on during his entrance to the court for the Phoenix Suns' match against the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday.

A tipsy specter started jeering at Durant no sooner had he touched the court, provoking a confrontation with the Suns' star.

Propped by the hope of a third successive victory post the All-Star break, Durant and the Suns know tonight's game is pivotal.

This game, closing their seasonal trio challenge with the Mavericks, will crown the series victor. Durant, remarkable in the past two games against the Mavericks, has an impressive record of 14 points, nine rebounds, and seven assists as an average.

Expecting the game's onset, a pair of inebriated supporters spotted Durant and the Suns as they graced the court. 

A lady among them hurled a yelled ‘b*tch when Durant walked past, prompting Durant to engage them. The Suns' sensation temporarily halted his course to interact with the pair, with the encounter heating up slightly.

However, the fans enjoyed a reprieve as Durant appeared in a forgiving mood, preventing security from ejecting them out of the complex. Phoenix's All-Star player rejoined his team and practiced a few shots, readying himself for the game's commencement.



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Kevin Durant Responds to Charles Barkley's Criticism of His Leadership

In a broadcasting stint for the 2024 NBA All-Star game, former NBA player turned TNT analyst, Charles Barkley, stung Kevin Durant over his leadership abilities. However, Durant, the seasoned player with 17 years in the NBA and presently a Phoenix Suns star, shrugged the comment off.

Barkley labeled Durant as a 'follower' and asserted that the Suns needed Devin Booker to lead instead. On learning about Barkley's remarks, the 35-year-old player responded nonchalantly, insinuating the comment to be filler content for the broadcast.

Durant, brushing off the criticism, said to The Arizona Republic's Duane Rankin, “It appears that many who sit in TV studios, far removed from the gym or the games, find it easy to remark on what I do.

But they simply don't understand the reality. It’s just a standard TV gimmick. They needed something to keep the viewers hooked. So they often resort to negative blabber. However, if you don't sweat it out with me in the gym, I really couldn't care less about your opinion. That's just how it is.”

While the jury is still out on Durant's leadership, the player's invaluable contribution to the Phoenix Suns is undeniable. He's been pivotal to the Suns' recent upswing as they sit in a comfortable No. 5 position in the Western Conference with a 33-22 record.

With the Suns claiming five out of six games and 14 of 18 just before the NBA All-Star break, Durant's mettle continues to sparkle.

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