HYBE's evidence alleging ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin badmouthed NewJeans members rejected in court

HYBE had previously accused Min Hee Jin of bad mouthing NewJeans members in leaked text messages and submitted that as evidence to the court. But the evidence since then has been rejected.

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Min Hee Jin (Image Credits- Min Hee Jin's Instagram) NewJeans (Image Credits- NewJeans' Instagram)
Min Hee Jin (Image Credits- Min Hee Jin's Instagram) NewJeans (Image Credits- NewJeans' Instagram)
Key Highlight
  • There was evidence presented by HYBE stated Min Hee Jin insulted NewJeans behind their backs
  • This evidence was later made into a video by Lee Jin Ho
  • But court rejected HYBE’s message evidence stating NewJeans was bad mouthed by Min Hee Jin

During the initial trials between HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin, reports surfaced alleging that HYBE made claims against Min Hee Jin, including accusations of insulting the members of NewJeans. Despite Min Hee Jin portraying herself as "NewJeans' mother" and expressing distress over the mistreatment of the members, it was alleged that she had been insulting them behind their backs. 

However, these claims were subsequently rejected by the court, which did not accept HYBE's evidence. Later, a controversial YouTuber named Lee Jin Ho created a video discussing these messages, sparking further controversy.

NewJeans members allegedly insulted by Min Hee Jin

It was alleged that despite Min Hee Jin presenting herself as "NewJeans' mother" and expressing concern over the mistreatment of the members, she had been insulting them behind their backs. On May 17, YouTuber Lee Jin Ho revealed text messages allegedly exchanged between ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin and her co-CEO L from January of this year. According to Lee Jin Ho, Min Hee Jin has portrayed herself as protective of NewJeans and has criticized the actions of "old men" during her previous press conference, but he claims it's all an act.

Lee Jin Ho also alleged issues regarding the harassment of female employees within ADOR, which caused internal problems at HYBE. According to Lee Jin Ho, co-CEO L suggested taking a young female employee to a drinking party for employees at ADOR and HYBE in an attempt to create a "friendly atmosphere."


The YouTuber further claimed that only the men left together after the party, leaving the woman feeling isolated and raising concerns within HYBE. When an official investigation was conducted in March within HYBE, the case was deemed a communication process issue and concluded with a warning.

Lee Jin Ho proceeded to share KakaoTalk conversations allegedly involving Min Hee Jin while NewJeans were preparing their award acceptance speeches. In these messages, she is claimed to have remarked, "Just tell them to stay humble," and "Even if they get as fat as a pig, I'm making sure they gather popularity," and "They didn't get popular because they did well."

Additionally, Min Hee Jin's alleged text messages reportedly included remarks about the NewJeans members' appearances, such as "Fat elementary schoolers" who are unable to lose weight without facing criticism. There were also derogatory remarks towards fans, including, "Watching brainless kids going crazy calling themselves fans."


The alleged text messages were reportedly discovered during HYBE's audition process, according to Lee Jin Ho. However, it's important to note that while he provided illustrations of the messages, they were not authentic screenshots but rather mockups created for the video.

HYBE’s evidence gets rejected in court

It was later reported that the court rejected these claims, refusing to accept HYBE's evidence

News reports suggest that HYBE presented partial and blurred-out messages allegedly from Min Hee Jin to the court. However, Min Hee Jin's legal representatives objected to these messages, stating that they were obtained through forensics and could have been cherry-picked and manipulated. The court acknowledged Min Hee Jin's claim and rejected HYBE's evidence due to lack of legal validity.

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