Will Brock Lesnar Be Removed From WWE 2K24? Latest Update Leads to Speculation Among Fans

Read to find out a recent report that sheds light on if Brock Lesnar will be removed from WWE's new upcoming title WWE 2K24...

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Image Courtesy : WWE photo gallery
Image Courtesy : WWE photo gallery

WWE has pulled Brock Lesnar from every possible show. The Beast Incarnate was set to make his return at Royal Rumble 2024. As per some previous reports, he was set to work at Elimination Chamber 2024 and WrestleMania 40.

Brock Lesnar was pulled out from WWE programs aiming his involvement in the Vince McMahon sexual assault and trafficking case. 

Former WWE employee Ms.Janel Grant filed a sexual assault and harassment case against WWE, Vince McMahon, and John Laurinaitis.

In the said lawsuit, she claimed Vince McMahon used to force her to sleep with other WWE employees including John Laurinaitis.

Image Courtesy : WWE

She even revealed Vince McMahon asked her to film personalized sexual content for Brock Lesnar in 2021 before his return to WWE. McMahon even gave her number to Lesnar who texted him and asked her to send more such content.

Brock Lesnar and Ms.Grant were set to meet for a “Play Date” which was canceled for some reason. Ms.Grant revealed the “Playdate” was part of Brock Lesnar’s deal and later she was fired from the company after Vince McMahon’s wife discovered his relationship with Ms.Grant.

Some previous reports indicated that Brock Lesnar has been out of WWE for a long period at least till his stance in Vince McMahon’s lawsuit gets clear.


A recent report by PWInsider suggested will Brock Lesnar be removed from WWE's new upcoming gaming title WWE 2K24.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider confirmed that Brock Lesnar has been pulled from the 2K WWE Supercard digital collectible game. 

Another report from PWInsider suggested his stance in the upcoming WWE game, “We should expect to see Brock Lesnar downplayed (if not outright removed as he was in the Supercard game) as much as possible going forward by 2K & potentially other licensees."

Fans are now reacting to rumors. A fan on X (formerly Twitter) posted, “Jesus Christ man is this how the great Brock Lesnar is gonna go out.”

Another fan reacted, “Brock Lesnar is slowly being erased.” 

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Image Courtesy : WWE

What were the plans for Brock Lesnar? 

The beast incarnate Brock Lesnar last appeared on SummerSlam 2023, against Cody Rhodes in a trilogy match where he lost the match and in a surprising moment raised Cody Rhodes's hand after the match-up.

Some earlier reports suggested Brock Lesnar was set to make his return at Royal Rumble 2024.

Another report suggested WWE had massive plans for Brock Lesnar to work on three major shows in 2024 as of now.

Reports read Bron Brekker took Brock Lesnar’s spot and booking and Lesnar was scheduled to get eliminated by Dominik Mysterio.  Brock Lesnar was scheduled to perform at the WWE Elimination Chamber in a match against Dominik Mysterio.|

Later, for WrestleMania 40 Brock Lesnar was supposed to face Gunther and he was also booked to appear on multiple WWE Raw shows to build matches. 

Image Courtesy : WWE

TKO Group's strict action against Vince McMahon 

After massive allegations and a serious lawsuit against Vince McMahon, the former chairman of WWE and executive chairman at TKO Group. McMahon announced his resignation from all his roles in TKO Group aiming at his recent lawsuit.

PWInsider reported earlier about Ari Emanuel and his reaction to Vince McMahon’s lawsuit. They reported Emanuel is very serious about the lawsuit and image of his companies. And he aims to erase McMahon’s name from the company his WWE page was also deleted.


“Endeavor owner Ari Emanuel wanted to discover the type of allegations brought forth in the Janel Grant lawsuit, not just about a company he purchased but a company that has been employing his daughter at WWE HQ for several years,” PWInsider reported. 

“They don't know Emanuel and they don't understand how ferociously he will eradicate anything that needs to be taken care of to protect his businesses.”

According to the source of PWinsider, Ari Emanuel can terminate and remove anyone if it comes to his business without thinking twice.


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