ADOR accuses LE SSERAFIM of 'stealing' luxury brand deal from NewJeans amid ongoing HYBE feud

ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin accused LE SSERAFIM of stealing a luxury brand deal from NewJeans. Keep on reading!

Updated on May 17, 2024  |  06:10 PM IST |  188.7K

The battle between HYBE and ADOR began in April 2024 and since then, many shocking revelations have made their way to the public. CEO Min Hee Jin has said before that the rift between the two labels has been caused because of the mistreatment of NewJeans by HYBE. 

On May 17, new information came to light where Min Hee Jin accused LE SSERAFIM of stealing a luxury brand deal from NewJeans during their trial against HYBE. 

CEO Min Hee Jin says a luxury brand was stolen from NewJeans by LE SSERAFIM

It was revealed by ADOR soon after HYBE’s audit of the label on April 22 that CEO Min Hee Jin had sent a detailed mail to the parent corporation voicing their issues. Some details from the same mail have come to light that were not revealed before during the legal trial. 
In the email, it was revealed that ADOR accused LE SSERAFIM of stealing a luxury brand deal from NewJeans. ADOR said that HYBE’s Brand Synergy Team was biased when dealing with both labels and their artists. 

They said that at a time when LE SSERAFIM was in the process of signing a contract with an international luxury brand, the brand in question was also in the middle of negotiations with NewJeans. This led to a conflict between ADOR and SOURCE MUSIC. 

It was further revealed that this happened because the Brand Synergy Team had approached both labels ADOR and SOURCE MUSIC with the same luxury brand deal using unprofessional ways. 


ADOR made the stand that HYBE’s Brand Synergy Team should be treating all artists under the labels with equality. But they were clearly biased towards one artist. After this accusation and revelation was made by ADOR, it is being said that they were refunded for 3 months of fees. 

What more did ADOR say?

ADOR said that it was completely the responsibility of the Brand Synergy Team to keep everything in check and be up to date with all details of a brand deal to ensure no such issue arises. ADOR added after the issue was shelved and done, they faced rumors against them in the company as everyone called them hard to work with.

In other news, it should be noted that the trial between HYBE and CEO Min Hee Jin is in progress, as her step to prevent the corporation from removing her. 

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