Will Mark Zuckerberg attend Anant Ambani's wedding? Exploring Meta CEO's packed week in Asia

Follow Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg's packed week in Asia as he navigates strategic AI discussions in South Korea and potential attendance at Ambani's grand celebration in India.

Published on Feb 26, 2024  |  05:05 PM IST |  44K
(Image Courtesy: Wikimedia commons)
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia commons
Key Highlight
  • Rumors swirl about Mark Zuckerberg's attendance at Anant Ambani's wedding in India
  • Exciting possibilities arise from potential collaborations with Samsung and LG Electronics

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Platforms Inc., is planning a whirlwind tour of Asia, including stops in Japan, South Korea, and India as per Business Standard. Amid his packed itinerary of business meetings and engagements, one question remains: will Zuckerberg attend Anant Ambani's pre-wedding celebrations, the youngest son of Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani? 

Tokyo talks: Meta's vision for AI 

Zuckerberg began his journey in Japan, where he balanced a family ski trip with his work. According to a Meta spokesperson, Zuckerberg met with developers in Tokyo to discuss the company's cutting-edge technologies, with a particular emphasis on the Quest virtual reality headsets and their large language model, Llama. These discussions indicate Meta's commitment to advancing artificial intelligence, particularly in competition with OpenAI's ChatGPT. 

Seoul sojourn: Strengthening partnerships in South Korea 

Zuckerberg plans to travel from Japan to Seoul, South Korea, to meet with various partners. Although details are scarce, reports indicate meetings with high-profile figures such as South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and Samsung Electronics Co. Chairman Jay Y. Lee.  

The agenda reportedly includes discussions about AI cooperation, which could indicate new developments in the field. However, Meta and Samsung have made no statements, leaving the specifics of these discussions open to speculation. 


Zuckerberg's visits to Japan and South Korea coincide with Meta's increased efforts to establish its presence in the global AI landscape. With competitors such as OpenAI, Microsoft Corp., and Alphabet Inc. vying for dominance, Meta is strategically positioning itself to stay competitive.  

Zuckerberg's recent Instagram Reels post hinted at Meta's ambitious plans to expand its AI infrastructure, specifically mentioning a collaboration with Nvidia Corp. to integrate 350,000 H100 chips by the end of 2024. This push for AI development is consistent with Meta's long-term goal of achieving artificial general intelligence, despite ongoing concerns about its potential impact on humanity. 

A celestial affair: Zuckerberg's potential presence at the Ambani wedding 

Following his engagements in Seoul, Zuckerberg plans to travel to Jamnagar, Gujarat, in western India, for Anant Ambani's pre-wedding celebrations. The three-day extravaganza, which begins on March 1st, promises to attract a list of celebrities from business, technology, and entertainment.  

Zuckerberg's presence at such a high-profile event would undoubtedly draw attention, potentially serving as a forum for further discussion of Meta's ventures in India. 

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Know more about Mark Zuckerberg's Asia trip:

Why is Mark Zuckerberg going to Asia?
Zuckerberg is visiting Asia for meetings with tech partners and leaders.

Is Zuckerberg attending Anant Ambani's wedding?
There's speculation that he will, but nothing is confirmed yet.

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