25 of Katrina Kaif's hairstyles that can be your year-round guide

Katrina Kaif belongs to the sleek hairstyle club. The actress has had her share of eccentric looks and some to do colour plays. Have you seen how she has rolled out all these?

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25 of Katrina Kaif's hairstyles that can be your year-round guide
25 of Katrina Kaif's hairstyles that can be your year-round guide

Who knew the best inspirations would come so effortlessly? Keep mega perfection, fun, and glamour coming with hairstyles suitable for everyday and holiday beauty joys. When you leave it to Katrina Kaif it becomes pretty limitless and her lofty looks over the years now, prove she is cuteness personified. Today's tale: A comprehensive look through the Phone Bhoot actress's hairdos that showcase colourful dyes, sleek ponytails, wet hair, beach waves, and many more irrefutable styles that can be tested by all hair types. 


Hairstyles for easy wins featuring Katrina Kaif 



Flawless fringes 

Trends come and disappear sometimes with a minimal staying record. Fringes on the other hand are century-old and have inspired us time and again. For her latest movie, Katrina who plays Ragini Maheshwari rocks a new hairdo with fringes and blue dye taking center stage. You could give your casual or party looks a new definition with this aesthetics. 


Katrina sports fringes

Dyes to die for 

From Harley Quinn to Katrina Kaif, this dyed-out-to-a-cool level did all the talking. This could easily be defined as the most rebellious look experimented on by the Bollywood actress. The latter, for Halloween 2022 rocked a funky hairdo with two ponytails which were spiced up blue and red dyes. While the crown and fringes were sleek, her ponytails took on a messier take. Which colour party are you entering? 




Katrina loves her dyed hair look

Sleek slay stories 

You can totally call this hairdo a signature of the starlet. Be it for Diwali bashes, movie promotions, or parties, her favourite and go-to look is now familiar to the world. It sits on her beautifully and is visually appealing. Also, it is easily one of the doable hairstyles with a straightener. If straight is the texture you love, this is it. 


Katrina aces sleek hair look

Winning wet hair

True to form, you could get your shot at a sultry look with this reference. Work on curls, waves, or straight texture, you will need no introduction to how it can instantly become a conversation starter. Love will soon be in the hair as the 39-year-old shows with her side-parted look. Rock the same to a party or a date night when you want to amp your getup. 


Katrina's wet hair look for the win

Curly-chic mode on! 

More curly delight coming your way! Throwback to the bliss of Bharat shoot days when she sported curls from the crown to the tip. Adorn it with roses, a bandana, and cutesy butterfly clips, or leave them unattended without accessories, curls will still stand out and nothing beats how bouncy and voluminous a treat to the eyes these can be. And, for when you want to style these well and give a dose of glossy definition, opt for curl creams. 


Katrina loves a curly hairdo

Pretty ponytails and wondrous waves 

All is well when you have your hair tied into a high ponytail. Whether unkempt or tied immaculately, it looks delightful. Also, have you tricked people into that stylish selfie while you had your hair look greasy and secured into a ponytail? Been there, and still doing that, and we're proud. The Bang Bang actress often also sports wavy-textured ponytails and gives them a cool finish with tendrils that are wavy and stunning.


Katrina in ponytails

Care to clip? 

Straight and secure. For days when you want to clip up your hair, pull it at the back and use a mini clip or the one you adore to seal your look. Katrina's look has a middle part and she has also left her hair to fall loose over her shoulders. Overall, it looks neat. Even the curliest of the lot can try this out when you do not appreciate breezy hair touching your face every two minutes. 



Katrina's clipped hairdo

Know the knot 

There's everything in this look. When you want a partial updo, tendrils left free and your hair untied, make this look your inspiration. Seen here is the actress who turned up the volume of her overall look for a red carpet-event. 


Katrina rocks knotted hairdo

Nail it naturally 

There's nothing like being in your element. Your hair often needs a breather from hair styling tools and chemical-based products. So when you run without one, do your hair a favour and keep it as is. And, do not overheat your hair by using straighteners or curling irons over and over again on the same day. If it retains minimal exposure to these tools, your tomorrow too can be a 'good hair day'. 


Katrina keeps her hairdo simple

A beautiful braid 

It's ever-fun to play up with your hair, isn't it? Especially when you love to experiment and cannot do regular hairstyles anymore. Proudly flexing curls, Katrina rocked a single and a messily-tied braid. Use your fingers to run through curls and simply get to the braided business. 


Katrina's kaif braid

A messy and merry updo 

An updo to up your hairstyle routine. Is your hair oily, and unwashed, or is the weather too hot to handle and prone to get you to sweat? Opt for this sexy and equally enticing hairdo. You will love this reference more when you go travelling or are cramped for time. 


Katrina's messy updo

Find love in a low ponytail 

Can that ponytail get any lower and prettier? Katrina's wavy hairdo was given a makeover with a single ponytail placed on one side. And, those tendrils paint a beauteous picture. 


Katrina's ponytail love

Ponytails, please! 

Two is a team and we agree if this is what it looks like. The Jab Tak Hai Jaan actress was an absolute doll in this school-girl look. Low ponytails are still in by the way and you could wear them to picnics, shopping, or daily as well.


Katrina's low ponytails

Poker-straight, ponytail perfection 

And so the copy-and-paste work begins. First up, spritz on heat protection and start with the straightening iron and then pull it up altogether and tie your hair into a high ponytail. As visible, the edges are too straight. A very summer hair look. 



Katrina's sleek ponytail

Beach beauty

Beach waves have a successful history. From celebrities to hairstylists, they boast the influence of these through visual references. The texture and compliments can undoubtedly be yours. It looks quite natural and can totally be the secret formula to the 'You woke up like this' picture. From weddings to dinners and beyond, this hairstyle is always a hot topic. 


Katrina's beach waves

Red-y to make some noise 

When she pumped up the frenzy for 'Fitoor' on an International ground. She had a red hot moment in Cannes. It was straight, side-parted, wavy, and what not? Pretty bold for someone who sticks often to sleek and simple hairstyles with a rare choice of dyes. 


Katrina's red hairdo

Messy is the new cool

Who needs a neatly-combed look always? Play easy with a ponytail styled in a fuss-free manner. Interestingly, her ponytail had loose and shiny waves and her tendrils complimented. You could literally use your fingers as a brush here to tie up a ponytail and get straight to styling your ponytail. 


Katrina's messy ponytail

A clip calling! 

Do you prefer an entirely clipped hair look? Some of us are pretty particular about letting our hair super loose and sometimes clipped. You could also clip just a few strands as Katrina gave an example here. 


Katrina's clipped hairdo

Wave along! 

Join the textured waves club. This looks failproof and what is best is that you aren't bound by rules as to when and where you can wear this hairstyle. It looks glorious, fun, and cute. 


Katrina's wavy hairdo

Bake a bun

Who doesn't love a bun? It just makes our lives easier, don't you think? No styling or product is needed until you're off to weddings or a special gathering. Sometimes you could settle with one without the usage of a comb and all in a couple of minutes. Katrina's bridal look featured a sleek bun that was adorned with a gajra. 


Katrina's bun hairdo

Play safe 

Are you a water baby? It's all fun and games until your hair soaks in the horrors of salt the sea and chlorinated pools carry. When on a spontaneous trip, throw your hair into a ponytail to avoid massive damage. The damage will be minimal, but the horrors won't subside until you take pre and post-water-exposure precautions.



Katrina's beach look

All hearts on the mess

A brushed, knotted look? Goodbye, we have our eyes on this messy goodness. The Tiger Zinda Hai actress looked like a princess as she wore a gown and a one-sided hairdo that included both waves and a knot. May we suggest you rock this hairstyle when dressed in a saree? 


Katrina's messy hairdo

Ponytail power 

Too many ponytail references and we're still not done. Beauty fiends will call this a ubiquitous style and so it doesn't fail to make a mark. Katrina's high ponytail this time around was tied with a straight hair look. No-textured waves or curls spotted. 


Katrina's high ponytail

Sold our hearts to soft waves 

Soft textured waves instantly light up your overall look. The wave of good looks just doesn't stop and we are all for it. For the most casual outing or the grandest of all, sport this look. Time to put your curling irons to the best use, agree? 


Katrina's mehendi look

Say yes to a top knot 

It's been around. Call it old but please add gold to the title. Earlier we saw a messy updo, titled 'toasty to look at', because of waves or it could be curls too. This look here is rather free of those and is plain simple, both you and I could tie up in a minute even when on the running track. 



Katrina's top knot

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