Deepika Padukone then to now: How the actress' eyebrows evolved over the years 

While the early 2000's were all about super-thin, threaded and skimpy brows, today, it is all about full, bushy brows. Deepika Padukone's brows too changed with time, making us take note of one of the best brow makeovers ever. 

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Deepika Padukone then to now: How the actress' eyebrows evolved over the years 
Deepika Padukone then to now: How the actress' eyebrows evolved over the years 

If there is one person who acts as the definition of 'eyebrows on fleek', it is Deepika Padukone. The actress has gone through quite a drastic beauty transformation from the time she entered the Bollywood industry, with her debut film Om Shanti Om. One of the biggest transformations that she has gone through, is the brow transformation. 
Back when she joined the industry, plucked, snipped and barely-there eyebrows were all the rage. 
Today, things have taken a turn with bushy brows. natural size and shaped brows that frame the face and look full, are a trend. 

During her Om Shanti Om days, Padukone had thin, perfectly arched and plucked brows with not a single extra or out-of-place strand. 

The sharp, pointed brows continued with time. With the large gap in between both her brows, the perfectly snipped hair and highlighted arch, made for a striking look. 
She has always had thick brows so filling them in was not something she needed to do often. 

For her first international red carpet event at the Cannes Film Festival, the diva filled-in her still arched brows, ensuring they looked full. Her black winged liner gave them an even more structured look. 

Once she realised that thicker brows suit her face better, Deepika Padukone grew out her eyebrows. Thick at the centre of her forehead and thin, barely there at the end of her eyes, was her next style. She got rid of the pointed arch to make her brows more free flowing and smooth. 


This also paved the way for the perfect, bushy and full brows she has today. 

Coming to the current phase of Padukone's brows, it is all about the volume! Dark brows that matched her brunette locks filled-in to perfection that neatly followed her brow-line making for a seamless and fuss-free look. 

Today, Padukone personally grooms and does her brows to perfection. They are not over-plucked, arched or styled to perfection. Instead, Padukone has let her brows grow out and let them remain in their natural shape with their natural volume. Occasionally, snipping the over-grown strands and plucking the stray hair, is the minimum effort Padukone puts into her perfect brows. 

Does your eyebrow transformation resemble Deepika Padukone's? Comment below and let us know. 

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