Who is Song Da Eun? Heart Signal 2 star accused of using BTS' Jimin for clout

Song Da Eun, known for her appearance on the reality dating show Heart Signal 2, is embroiled in controversy over alleged hints at a romantic involvement with BTS' Jimin.

Published on May 18, 2024  |  03:19 AM IST |  510.5K
Song Da Eun, BTS' Jimin; Image Courtesy: Song Da Eun's Instagram, BIGHIT MUSIC
Song Da Eun, BTS' Jimin; Image Courtesy: Song Da Eun's Instagram, BIGHIT MUSIC
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Song Da Eun, an actress and a reality dating show star known for her appearance on Heart Signal 2, has found herself embroiled in controversy amid accusations of leveraging her alleged connection with BTS' Jimin for attention. 

The actress has been at the center of dating rumors with Jimin for the past two years, with recent Instagram posts reigniting speculation. Despite previous denials, Song Da Eun's actions have sparked outrage among BTS fans, who accuse her of dropping hints about a romantic involvement with the K-pop star for clout.

About Song Da Eun’s alleged dating controversy with BTS’ Jimin

The alleged dating controversy surrounding BTS' Jimin and actress Song Da Eun has stirred up a storm of speculation among fans. It all started in July 2023, when an anonymous netizen posted a series of "proof" on the Pann Nate forum, suggesting that Jimin and Song Da Eun were romantically involved. From matching accessories to coincidental Instagram posts and shared interests, the post seemed to provide compelling evidence of a budding relationship between the two.

However, months later, in October 2023, Song Da Eun finally addressed the rumors through an Instagram statement, vehemently denying any romantic involvement with Jimin. She expressed frustration at being targeted by fans and urged people to stop spreading baseless rumors.

Yet, despite her denial, the rumors resurfaced on May 16, 2024, when Song Da Eun's social media activity once again fueled speculation. She shared videos and photos that netizens interpreted as references to Jimin and BTS. From similar props to cryptic messages, each post seemed to add fuel to the ongoing controversy.


The most controversial of these posts was a photo allegedly showing cases with Song Da Eun and Jimin's names, suggesting a closer relationship between the two than previously believed.

As a result, netizens expressed frustration and disappointment with Song Da Eun's recent actions, accusing her of clout-chasing and intentionally stirring up controversy for attention.

Amidst the frenzy of speculation, both Jimin and Song Da Eun have remained silent on the matter, leaving fans to wonder about the true nature of their relationship. The saga continues to unfold, with fans eagerly awaiting further developments and hoping for clarity amidst the swirling rumors and speculation.

Get to know Song Da Eun

Song Da Eun, born on June 14, 1991, is a South Korean actress and television personality known for her diverse roles in both dramas and reality shows. She made her acting debut in the critically acclaimed movie The Handmaiden in 2016, directed by renowned filmmaker Park Chan Wook. Following her debut, she ventured into television, appearing in dramas such as The Golden Spoon, Hold My Hand, and Once Again, showcasing her versatility as an actress.


In 2018, Song Da Eun gained widespread recognition for her appearance on the dating-themed variety show Heart Signal 2, where she captivated audiences with her charm and personality. Her popularity soared, leading to numerous opportunities, including endorsements as a brand ambassador for various companies.

However, her personal life also attracted attention, particularly her relationship with co-star Jung Jae Ho, which lasted for approximately five months before they parted ways.

Despite her rising career, Song Da Eun faced controversy when her past employment at a club called Monkey Museum resurfaced. A former reporter alleged her involvement in the Burning Sun Scandal in 2021, claiming she sought advice from him regarding the situation. Despite her close ties to the club's owner, ex-BIGBANG's Seungri, Song Da Eun denied any involvement, sparking further speculation and scrutiny.

Throughout her career, Song Da Eun has navigated both success and challenges, showcasing her resilience and talent as an actress and television personality. Despite the controversies, she continues to pursue her passion for entertainment.


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