From The Moon to Swing Kids; Check out EXO's D.O.'s best movies and K-dramas that showcase the actor’s versatility

EXO’s D.O. has worked in some amazing movies and K-dramas, let’s check out some of his best releases where his talent shines.

Updated on Apr 21, 2024  |  09:17 PM IST |  132.2K
EXO's D.O.: courtesy of SM Entertainment
EXO's D.O.: courtesy of SM Entertainment

EXO’s D.O. is not just known as a K-pop idol but also for his talent as an actor. He has made waves since his debut with the movie Cart and has captivated the audience since then. With each new release, he steps out of his comfort zone and takes on a different character, solidifying his status in the industry. Without further ado, let’s check out some of the projects that he has worked on.

Swing Kids (2018)

Director: Kang Hyeong Cheol
Cast: D.O., Park Hye Su, Jared Grimes

Swing Kids takes us on an adventurous journey set in a Korean War prisoner-of-war camp where a group of prisoners discovers a common passion for dance, particularly swing. Doh Kyungsoo or D.O. delivers a standout performance as Roh Ki Soo, a North Korean soldier who finds solace and freedom through dance amidst the chaos of war. His portrayal of a young man torn between loyalty to his country and his love for dance is both poignant and compelling. The film beautifully showcases the actor’s versatility as an actor, blending drama, humor, and dance seamlessly to create a memorable cinematic experience.


My Annoying Brother (2016)

Director: Kwon Soo Kyeong
Cast: D.O., Jo Jung Suk, Park Shin Hye


In the movie, D.O. shines in the role of Doo Young, a judo athlete who loses his vision due to an accident. The story unfolds as Doo Young is forced to move in with his estranged older brother, played by Jo Jung-suk, a con artist recently released from prison. Despite their rocky relationship, the two brothers gradually form a bond as they navigate the challenges of life together. The actor’s portrayal of Doo Young's resilience and vulnerability earned him critical acclaim, showcasing his ability to bring depth and emotion to his characters. 

100 Days My Prince (2018)

Director: Lee Jong Jae
Cast: D.O. , Nam Ji Hyun, Jo Sung Ha

Set in the Joseon era, 100 Days My Prince follows the story of Crown Prince Lee Yul, who loses his memory and lives as a commoner for 100 days. The K-pop idol takes on the role of the aloof and aristocratic prince with finesse, capturing the character's journey from arrogance to humility as he rediscovers himself and falls in love with a spirited noblewoman. His chemistry with co-star Nam Ji Hyun adds depth and charm to the historical romantic drama.

Cart (2014)

Director: Boo Ji Young
Cast: Yum Jung Ah, Moon Jung Hee, D.O. 

Cart delves into the harsh realities faced by temporary workers in South Korea through the lens of a group of women who are unjustly laid off from their jobs at a supermarket. Doh Kyungsoo delivers a powerful performance as Choi Tae Young, the son of one of the affected workers, who becomes involved in the fight for justice alongside his mother. His portrayal of a young man torn between loyalty to his family and the desire to stand up against injustice is both heart-wrenching and inspiring. 

The Moon (2023)

Director:  Kim Yong Hwa
Cast: D.O., Sol Kyung Gu, Kim Hee Ae

The story follows a space mission by the South Korean government to send an astronaut to the moon. However, due to solar wind, the mission faces deviation, and the spacecraft malfunctions. The astronaut who was in the spacecraft remains stranded in space without any help. Another astronaut travels through space to rescue and bring him back home safely. 


These shows and movies mentioned above are just a handful of projects that he has done. Currently, the artist is gearing up for his solo comeback with an album titled Blossom which will be released in April 2024. It is expected that the K-pop idol will be starring in more acting projects.

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