Days of Our Lives spoilers: Chanel And Johnny's California Move Derailed By Medical Emergency

In the upcoming Days of Our Lives: June 26, 2024: Chanel and Johnny's move to California is halted by a medical emergency. Meanwhile, Alex and Theresa navigate a rocky path to engagement amidst past drama.

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Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the hit series Days of Our Lives

On Wednesday, June 26, Days of Our Lives spoilers show Chanel and Johnny's plans to move to California are disrupted by a medical emergency. Everything seemed fine with their unborn baby until Chanel started having stomach pains.

Days of Our Lives spoilers and highlights

Chanel’s husband and mother rush her to the hospital, worrying about the baby's health and whether it might have lifelong problems. Paulina, Chanel’s mother, blames herself for the emergency and makes a scene at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Alex was going to propose to Theresa but changed his mind. Theresa found the ring and was upset he didn’t propose, leading to their breakup. After some drama with other partners, they got back together, and Alex proposed for real. Now, they need to share the news with everyone in Salem. Theresa believes that nothing can stop their happiness now.

In another story, Xander doesn’t want his mother at his wedding, but Sarah doesn’t care. Xander tries to explain his troubled past with Victor to Sarah, revealing more than he realized, but Theresa already knows the full story.

Previously on Days of Our Lives: 

In Yesterday's Days of Our Lives, Lucas happily meets Kate at the Pub, thrilled to sleep somewhere other than prison. He mentions hearing someone crying last night, and Kate explains that Harris broke Ava's heart by leaving town to find Megan. Lucas wishes he could thank Harris for getting him out of prison, but Kate, though glad to have her son back, remarks it took Harris long enough. Lucas notes he won’t be around for long.


Chad returns home from the Salem PD and tells Julie that Clyde was sent to Supermax. Jack arrives and asks why Chad wanted to see Weston, hoping it wasn’t for revenge. Chad admits he did but couldn’t follow through. Jack is relieved and says goodbye, but Julie, sniffling, stops him.

At home, Abe shows Paulina an online article about the failed effort to recall her as mayor. Paulina is upset she had to reinstate EJ as D.A. to make him drop it and feels bad about Melinda, who rejected another job offer. She now needs a new head of sanitation. Abe offers himself, but Paulina doesn’t want to be his boss. Abe understands and will look for something else.

Dr. Mark Greene meets with Chanel and Johnny at the hospital, saying the baby seems normal but has soft markers for a congenital abnormality. He refers them to a genetic counselor in Los Angeles for further tests. Chanel texts Felicity to meet up before they leave town.


In the prison visitors’ room, Leo practices talking to his mother, Diana. When she arrives, she mocks him for needing therapy. Leo shouts that it’s because of her and recounts his childhood traumas. Diana dismisses his feelings and calls for the guard. Leo reads from his script about her manipulations, declaring she never should have been a mother. Diana rips up his script and leaves.

Lucas explains to his unhappy mother that he’s going to Phoenix to be with Will and Allie and make amends for what he did to Sami. Kate blames herself but Lucas reassures her he’ll return and never take his freedom for granted again.

At the Horton House, Julie hesitates before giving Jack the time capsule for Jennifer. After Jack leaves, Julie assures Chad she won’t tell Jack anything. Chad hoped to have good news before Jack left and wonders if they’ll ever know the truth. Since the feds won’t let Chad talk to Clyde, he and Julie agree to figure out the mystery woman without him.


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