Days of Our Lives spoilers: Chanel And Johnny Confront New Fears For Their Unborn Child

In the upcoming Days of Our Live episode for June 25, 2024: Chanel and Johnny face new worries about their unborn child as more test results come in.

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Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the hit series Days of Our Lives

In Days of our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, June 25, Chanel and Johnny face challenges with their unborn child. Initially, they were worried that Paulina might have caused radiation poisoning, but Dr. Mark Green assured them that the baby seemed fine.

Days of Our Lives spoilers and highlights

Despite this, Mark is still waiting for more test results, so things might not be as perfect as they thought. Paulina might have to face the consequences of her actions, or it could affect her grandchild instead.

Meanwhile, Leo finally confronts his mother, Diana, in prison after practicing what he wanted to say for a week. He's confused about how Diana's personality changed so drastically from the kind woman she was forty years ago. Maybe they're two different women with the same name?

As Leo and his mom reconnect, Lucas says goodbye to his mother, Kate. It's unclear why he's leaving since he's free and doesn't need to go back to college or a monastery. He could visit Will and Allie in Australia, but it doesn't seem like a permanent goodbye. It might just be a temporary farewell.

Previously on Days of Our Lives:


In Yesterday's Days of Our Lives, Nicole and EJ are eating ice cream at the DiMera mansion. Nicole is disappointed that Holly hasn't posted any prom pictures yet but hopes she's having a great time. As they talk about Jude, EJ becomes tense because he hasn't told Nicole something about Eric.

Meanwhile, after dinner, Marlena notes that Eric avoided talking about Nicole and Jude. She also mentions that John feels guilty about Konstantin's daughter's death and hopes visiting her grave will help.

Brady and Theresa catch Tate and Holly making out at the Salem Inn. Theresa is horrified and takes Holly home, while Alex talks to Victor's portrait at the Kiriakis mansion, hoping Victor would be happy for him. Maggie enters, and Alex reassures her he doesn't blame her for Konstantin. He wants to mend their relationship.

In their room above the Pub, Harris tells Ava he's leaving Salem to follow a lead for Hope. He can't ask Ava to wait for him, though she means a lot to him. He understands her choices but can't commit to working on his trust issues. They share a tearful goodbye.


At the DiMera mansion, EJ tells Nicole he saw her kiss Eric when she was drunk. He wanted to be honest with her because he's afraid of losing her. Nicole assures him she loves only him.

They share a tender moment until Theresa arrives with Holly. Brady brings Tate home, and Tate rants about the situation to Marlena. She reminds him that if he and Holly want to be accepted, they need to prove they can be trusted.

Alex asks Maggie to bury the hatchet for Victor's sake. Maggie agrees and asks about Theresa, noting her efforts to improve. Alex proposes to Theresa, and she says yes but then looks unsure. 

Harris tells Ava he's taking an indefinite leave. They share a passionate kiss and a tearful goodbye. Tate texts Holly, apologizing and saying he misses her. She responds that he gave her a perfect prom, and they both smile at their memories.


Nicole and EJ promise to keep no more secrets. They hug but both look pensive. Eric sits alone outside the Pub, growing emotional as he watches a woman push a baby stroller past him.

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