Did Harry Styles Perform At 15 Consecutive Shows? Exploring The Singer’s 2022 MSG Concert

Harry Styles' 15-night residency at Madison Square Garden saw him perform for over 300k fans. "Harry's House" featured specialty foods, custom photo booths, merchandise, and more!

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Harry Styles' 15-night residency at Madison Square Garden saw him perform for over 300k fans.
Harry Styles' 15-night residency (PC: Getty Images)

For 15 consecutive nights between August 20 and September 21, 2022, Harry Styles earned his place in the history of Madison Square Garden when he performed for more than 300k fans as part of the residency leg of his Love On Tour. The ex-One Direction singer gifted a feather boa to all audience members on the 15th night. 

The entire Madison Square Garden was transformed into 'Harry's House' during the fifteen days of the concert, with innovative activities for fans to enjoy the full concert experience. Fans could choose from specialty foods, customized photo booths, and Harry Styles merchandise. 

Harry Styles' unforgettable performance at the Madison Square Garden

In celebration of Harry Styles' iconic run, millions of his fans from around the world saw the unveiling of a brand-new banner. As CBS Mornings host Gayle King unveiled the banner, the Watermelon Sugar singer joined Billy Joel and Phish in the rafters of Madison Square Garden, a venue that holds more than 18,000 people.

In a colorful boa and green jumpsuit, Gayle King said, "We won't say goodbye to you, Harry Styles! 15 consecutive nights at Madison Square Garden! That banner will remain forever. Forever."

The 30-year-old's iconic achievement was lauded by Jim Dolan, CEO and executive chairman of MSG Entertainment. Styles was described as 'one of the most influential artists of this generation' by Dolan. Upon representing the whole MSG Entertainment community, he expressed gratitude to be a part of Harry Styles' chart-busting show.


As part of the Love On Tour, a non-profit organization called Everytown and HeadCount partnered with the concert at Madison Square Garden. Their contribution to the Gun Safety Support Fund was over $1 million, together with Live Nation.

Harry Styles broke down during the display of his banner at Madison Square

Harry Styles thanked all his fans from the bottom of his heart as the banner was hoisted. “I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart to each and every single one of you here tonight this will not [looks up at banner] ... that's insane," blurted the Cherry singer.

After blotting his eyes with a tissue and taking some time to gather himself, Harry Styles expressed his feelings. "To all of you who bought a ticket, thank you so so much for your support. Things like this don't happen to people like me very often, things like this don't happen to people like me at all and I just want to thank you all. You changed my life. Each and every single one of you. Thank you so, so, much!" exclaimed Styles.


He expressed how the life-changing event wouldn’t have been possible without the support of his fans. After everyone had left, Harry Styles said he would return to the spot to 'just look at that for a while' and take in its beauty.

This event has made Styles a part of an exclusive group that had only two members before him. A 129-show run and an 83-show run earned Billy Joel his two banners at Madison Square Garden. As for Phish, they won it by playing 13 consecutive houseful shows without repeating a note.

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