Who Are Taylor Swift's Band Members And Backup Singers? Meet The Pop Star's Onstage Team

Meet Taylor Swift’s onstage team, including her musical band, The Agency, and her vocalists and dancers, The Starlights, supporting her tours all these years.

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Find Out About The Onstage Team Of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour
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Taylor Swift continues to amaze fans with her extremely successful ongoing Eras Tour. In this epic journey, Swift has been constantly supported by her onstage team, which joins the singer in delivering an epic performance. The onstage team is primarily composed of the music band, also known as The Agency, and a group of vocalists and background dancers, named as The Starlights. 

Everything to know about Taylor Swift’s band, The Agency 

Taylor Swift’s amazing band is collectively referred to as The Agency. The group name was coined in 2008 after the band members filmed the video for Picture to Burn, in suits, chucks and dark glasses, pretending to be secret agents. As per The Swift Agency, the group currently comprises 6 musicians, who have been supporting Swift for quite some time. 

Amos Heller is the bass player and keyboardist for The Agency and has been working with Swift before she became a mainstream icon. Back in December 2023, he dedicated a candid Instagram post to the Bad Blood singer on the occasion of her birthday. In the post, Heller referred to Swift as "an irreplaceable friend to my family and those I love most,” and further thanked her for making his dreams come true. 

Paul Sidoti is the lead guitarist and vocalist of the band, who has been working with Swift since 2007. Sidoti also wished Swift a happy birthday by dumping his heartwarming photos with her over the years. Michael Meadows is a guitarist, pianist and vocalist who has been supporting Taylor Swift since the 2008, Fearless tour. 

David Cook is positioned as the music director and keyboardist, by The Swift Agency. His first tour with Swift was back in 2011 during the Speak Now world tour. Matt Billingslea is the drummer of The Agency who has been working with Swift since the Red era. He is pretty frequent in updating fans about the developments of the Eras tour. 


Max Bernstein is a guitarist and keyboardist of the band. He is also the newest addition to The Agency, as he first joined the group during the 2018, Reputation tour. 

Everything to know about Taylor Swift’s vocalists and background dancers, The Starlights

The Starlights is composed of four talented members, who not only do their job as vocalists but also deliver an enchanting performance to the audience through their dance. Kamilah Marshall has been a part of the group since the Red tour in 2013 and has been a constant performer in all of Swift's tours all these years. In the past, she has also performed alongside other renowned stars such as Justin Timberlake, and many more. 

Melanie Nyema has been a background dancer for Swift since her 2013, Red tour. She shared a beautiful collage of her pics with the Blank Space singer as a tribute to Swift’s birthday. Talking about Swift, she wrote, “The way you inspire, support, motivate, love, and truly split my sides with laughter is second to literally no one.” 

Eliotte Nicole Woodford made her first appearance as a member of The Starlights during the Red tour. Jeslyn Gorman is the latest addition to The Starlights, who joined Swift and her remarkable team during the 2018, Reputation tour. 

Well as Swift continues with her stellar performances at Eras Tour, her team continues to complement her in each performance. Swift will next be seen in Dublin where she will perform from 28 June to 30 June 2024 at the Aviva stadium.


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Why is Taylor Swift so popular?
Taylor Swift is loved for her catchy songs, relatable lyrics, and her ability to switch between country, pop, and indie folk music styles.

What kind of music does Taylor Swift make?
Taylor Swift creates music in various genres, including country, pop, and indie folk.

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