Why Did Netflix Delay Release Of Jenna Ortega's Miller's Girl? Find Out

Despite previously announced to release Jenna Ortega starrer Miller's Girl on April 25, Netflix did not release on that day.

Published on Apr 30, 2024  |  08:56 AM IST |  213.6K
Jenna Ortega (Lionsgate)

Jenna Ortega is a much sought-after name in today's industry. After receiving praise for performance in The Fallout (2021) she has not looked back. And, she rose to prominence following her role in Netflix’s Wednesday. Her latest movie Miller's Girl, an erotic thriller, written and directed by Jade Halley Bartlett saw her in a way bolder look. Her skills as an actor were profoundly applauded by critics.

The movie was theatrically released in the United States by Lionsgate on January 26, 2024. And Netflix announced that the digital debut of the movie will be on April 25. But it is still not on the streaming platform. Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman’s steamy movie Miller’s Girl despite some individual acting brilliance, failed to grab audiences' attention in general. It stands at just 42% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Martin Freeman and Jenna Ortega in Miller's Girl  (Lionsgate)

What is the reason behind the delay in Miller's Girl's release on Netflix?

Jenna Ortega stars in Miller's Girl as Cairo Sweet, a young student named and a talented writer who grabs the attention of her teacher, Jonathan Miller, played by Martin Freeman. Here is the official synopsis for Miller's Girl:

"A talented young writer (Jenna Ortega) embarks on a creative odyssey when her teacher (Martin Freeman) assigns a project that entangles them both in an increasingly complex web. As lines blur and their lives intertwine, professor and protégé must confront their darkest selves while straining to preserve their individual sense of purpose and the things they hold most dear."


And, it was supposed to be out digitally a few days back. Four days have passed, no sign of Miller's Girl on Netflix. And, fans are not happy with that. 

Many went to Netflix's official X handle to query about the delay. But got no response from the streaming giant. 

Maybe they took a patience test, as the movie landed the next day, on April 26. And, thus ended the excitement of the eagerly awaiting fans. 

Martin Freeman and Jenna Ortega in Miller's Girl  (Lionsgate)

The age gap created a controversy in Miller's Girl movie

The age difference between Ortega and Freeman is 31 years in the movie. And, the way their relationship is shown in the movie was met with much criticism from the fans and critics alike. 

Fans are also not happy with the s*x scenes between the stars because of their 31-year age gap. And many labeled the film as "gross."

Director Jade Halley Bartlett, however, it was a splendid chemistry. “I think it’s about finding people who have the right sort of sensitivities to each other or that are, I don’t know, they get along. Honestly, I don’t know. But Martin and Jenna both understood these characters so well and without a lot of explanation from me. So when we got into shooting, they knew all of the lines. It’s obviously very, very dialogue-heavy. So they came in like they were doing a play,” Bartlett told Screen Rant. 


No matter what the makers say, but the sensual representation of the leads who have a huge age gap was not welcomed by most fans. 

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