Min Hee Jin was displeased with HYBE for debuting LE SSERAFIM before NewJeans; threatened to quit

Min Hee Jin in her press conference revealed how she felt betrayed when HYBE decided to debut LE SSERAFIM before ADOR’s girl group NewJeans. Read on to know more.

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Min Hee Jin (Image Credits- Min Hee Jin's Instagram), Bang Si Hyuk, Sakura, Chaewon (Image Credits- Bang Si Hyuk's Instagram)
Min Hee Jin (Image Credits- Min Hee Jin's Instagram), Bang Si Hyuk, Sakura, Chaewon (Image Credits- Bang Si Hyuk's Instagram)
Key Highlight
  • Min Hee Jin reveals being displeased with LE SSERAFIM before NewJeans
  • She wanted NewJeans to be first girl group to debut under HYBE
  • She also stated that she was stopped from promoting NewJeans by HYB

During the press conference today, Min Hee Jin revealed her displeasure with HYBE's decision to debut the group with Sakura and Chaewon (LE SSERAFIM) under Source Music before others. 

She reportedly threatened HYBE CEO Park Jiwon that she would resign and expose the company in a press conference. She also revealed NewJeans’ parents' thoughts regarding the scenario.

Min Hee Jin reveals her thoughts on LE SSERAFIM debuting before NewJeans

During the press conference according to KBS News and Korea Joongang Daily addressing her feud with HYBE, ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin expressed feeling betrayed after LE SSERAFIM debuted before NewJeans. Prior to the press conference, online discussions among netizens speculated about the connection between Min Hee Jin and Source Music. This led to assumptions that the creation of NewJeans and the rushed debut of LE SSERAFIM were linked, possibly due to funds being allocated to ADOR.

Min Hee Jin referenced the debut of fellow HYBE group LE SSERAFIM, which occurred a few months before NewJeans. She expressed feeling "betrayed" by this development, as she believed NewJeans would be the first girl group to debut under HYBE, not Sakura and Chaewon’s LE SSERAFIM. LE SSERAFIM debuted on May 2, 2022, whereas, NewJeans debuted on July 22, 2022, Min Hee Jin even mentioned the reaction of the members' parents, who reportedly felt anger about the situation.


Min Hee Jin discusses NewJeans’ parents reaction

When reporters brought up allegations of Min Hee Jin leaking contracts to investors, her response seemed to divert attention away from the situation and focus on NewJeans. She explained that she perceived everything she did as a form of protest to protect NewJeans' achievements.

Min Hee Jin questioned how a legitimate protest to safeguard NewJeans' achievements could be seen as an attempt to usurp ADOR's management rights. She expressed confusion over what she perceived as hidden intentions behind the situation. 

Furthermore, she shared that the parents of the trainees were extremely upset, blaming Source Music out of fear that NewJeans might not debut due to the debut of the Source Music girl group.

It's also speculated that Min Hee Jin feared Sakura and Chaewon's existing fame from their time in IZ*ONE before joining Source Music might hasten their debut ahead of NewJeans. This concern stemmed from the potential negative impact it could have on her trainees, who were also initially from Source Music.


 Min Hee Jin emphasized her reluctance to abandon the trainees and expressed frustration that the management did not allow her to meet with the girls (NewJeans members).

Min Hee Jin reveals how HYBE CEO asked her not to promote NewJeans

Min Hee Jin made a damning statement, alleging that HYBE’s CEO banned her from promoting NewJeans due to LE SSERAFIM. She claimed that Park Ji Won instructed her not to promote NewJeans until after LE SSERAFIM made their debut. 

According to Min Hee Jin, the CEO stated that they needed to create confusion among the public, making them believe that LE SSERAFIM was her girl group. She asserted that she couldn't abandon NewJeans' debut, despite facing boycotts aimed at preventing her from promoting the group.

Typically, before a group debuts, teasers and media articles are released to promote them. However, NewJeans debuted without any prior promotion, surprising the public. Min Hee Jin shed light on the reason behind this. 


She claimed that HYBE heavily used the notion of "Min Hee Jin’s girl group" to promote their first girl group, a position that should have belonged to NewJeans. However, due to HYBE's plans, this promotion was redirected to LE SSERAFIM, allegedly orchestrated by Park Ji Won to boost the latter's debut using Min Hee Jin's name.

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