9 best Pyaar Ka Punchnama dialogues that are absolutely unmissable

Pyaar Ka Punchnama dialogues have made a special place in the hearts of all fans. Directed by Luv Ranjan, the Kartik Aaryan starrer is celebrated for its witty dialogues.

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9 best Pyaar Ka Punchnama dialogues that are absolutely unmissable
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Pyaar Ka Punchnama, a standout hit in Indian cinema, is celebrated for its sharp, humorous, and brutally honest dialogues that depict the ups and downs of modern relationships. Directed by Luv Ranjan, this comedy-drama struck a chord with audiences, particularly the youth, for its relatable and comedic portrayal of love and heartbreak. The Pyaar Ka Punhnama dialogues have made a special place in everyone's hearts. 

Here are nine must-hear dialogues from Kartik Aaryan's film that have left a lasting impact on fans.

9 best Pyaar Ka Punchnama dialogues that are worth remembering

1. “Problem yeh hai ki woh ladki hai… aur kya problem hai?”

In this Pyaar Ka Punchnama dialogue, Rajat (played by Kartik Aaryan) says this during a conversation with his friends, expressing his exasperation with the continuous problems he faces in his relationship. He feels that his girlfriend’s unpredictable behavior and emotional demands are a source of constant frustration. It's a satirical take on how men often feel that they can't understand women.

2. “Har ladki ki life mein ek aisa kutta zaroor hota hai, jo uski keemat sabko yaad dilata rehta hai”

Vikrant makes this remark after dealing with his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, who still has a significant influence on her life. He’s frustrated by how this ex-boyfriend continues to affect their relationship, always reminding her and others of her past.


3. “Ladki ko jo maangta hai na, wahi chahiye hota hai… free fund ka maar do”

Nishant's dialogue reflects the frustration of giving everything in a relationship without any reciprocation. It's a commentary on feeling used or taken for granted by a partner who demands more without offering much in return.

4. “Aaj tak tumhare liye jo bhi kiya maine, woh sab kya tha? Investment tha?”

In this Pyaar Ka Punchnama dialogue, Vikrant questions his girlfriend during an argument when he feels that his efforts and sacrifices in the relationship are not being valued. He’s hurt that she seems to see his contributions as transactional rather than acts of love.

5. “Aaj se beeta kal mein jeene ki koshish mat kar”

Rajat advises against dwelling on the past and suggests moving forward, indicating the importance of living in the present and not letting past mistakes or memories hinder current happiness.

6. “Saale ye jo pyaar hota hai na... well played”


Nishant sarcastically acknowledges the cunning and manipulative aspects of love, implying that love often involves strategic moves and can be a game where one needs to be careful and smart.

7. “Bhai bhai... yeh tumhare bas ki baat nahi hai”

Anshul's dialogue serves as a humorous reality check for his friend, telling him that handling certain situations or people, especially in relationships, might be beyond his capability.

8. “Mohabbat mein saare akele hi hote hain... bas dekhne wala ek chahiye”

In this Pyaar Ka Punchnama monologue, Anshul poignantly reflects on the loneliness that often accompanies love, suggesting that everyone feels alone in their emotions and experiences, but having someone to witness or understand that loneliness can make a difference.

9. "Password Batao Dubara Mat Puchna . . .D..O..B..A..R..A Mat Puchna.."

It ingeniously reveals the password within the dialogue itself, showcasing a witty and comical twist. It's a clever play on words that adds to the hilarity of the situation, making it a memorable moment in the film.


These unforgettable dialogues from Pyaar Ka Punchnama not only elicited endless laughter but also offered a satirical and heartfelt look at the complexities of relationships. The film's witty and unforgettable lines have cemented its status as a beloved classic in Hindi cinema.

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