Atlee reveals how he incorporates politics into his cinematic work

At the Ideas of India Summit 3.0, Atlee discussed the crucial role of politics in driving societal progress and shared insights on how he incorporates political themes into his cinematic work.

Published on Feb 25, 2024  |  03:11 PM IST |  35.7K
Jawan director Atlee
Are Atlee's films political? Jawan director answers (PC: Atlee Instagram)

Atlee is a blockbuster filmmaker in Indian cinema. Following a string of successful movies with Vijay, he delivered another huge blockbuster with Shah Rukh Khan in Jawan. Atlee's films are known for seamlessly blending entertainment with social messages. 

They often touch upon political themes, not only in reel life but also in real life. In a recent discussion, Atlee emphasized the significance of politics in a democratic country like India.

‘Politics should be spoken’: Atlee

Atlee was asked about the significance of politics. In his response, he stated that politics is inherent to our lives, even if we don't always comprehend it. From the moment we begin attending school, we are intertwined with politics. Atlee emphasized that politics isn't merely an external force; it resides within each of us. He firmly expressed that politics should be openly discussed. “Politics is a part of us, politics should be spoken and if it is hidden its not a democracy.” 

Politics in Atlee movies

Atlee's movies frequently delve into social issues just like his master Shankar. Mersal, starring Thalapathy Vijay, stands out as one of his politically charged films, hinting at Vijay's potential political aspirations. 

In Mersal, Atlee advocates for the prioritization of hospitals over temples or mosques, emphasizing the importance of improving the common people's quality of life. He underscores the necessity for accessible healthcare for all segments of society.


Bigil was another significant film by Atlee where he addressed political themes. The movie highlighted the importance of women's empowerment in society, advocating for equal opportunities for women in all fields, including sports.

Additionally, Atlee shed light on politics within sports federations, showcasing the obstacles faced by athletes due to such practices. Through Bigil, Atlee aimed to raise awareness about these social and political issues while also delivering an entertaining cinematic experience.

Atlee's commitment to addressing social issues through his films can be seen in Jawan too. As he highlighted in the summit, Atlee uses his movies as a platform to express his views on politics and social matters. Through his storytelling, he engages audiences in discussions about important issues, making him a vocal advocate for change through cinema.

Atlee’s upcoming movies

Allu Arjun's next project has yet to be officially announced, but there are rumors circulating that he may collaborate with Allu Arjun for a pan-Indian movie. Additionally, there have been speculations about a potential film with Shah Rukh Khan, although at present, Atlee cannot confirm it.

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