10 Ways To Make A Cancer Man Obsessed With You

Cancer males enjoy being desired, but be sure to maintain an aura of mystery around you. Do not focus solely on him to ensure that he is obsessed with you.

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Published on Dec 29, 2022 | 03:01 PM IST | 5M
Ways To Make A Cancer Man Obsessed With You
Ways To Make A Cancer Man Obsessed With You

Although they may have a rough exterior, Cancer men are actually coy boys on the inside. There is a reason why women are drawn to this dependable, passionate, and devoted sign right away. To capture and retain his interest, you simply need to be willing to put yourself out there and create a sense of love and desire in him. It will be well worth the effort because a Cancer man in love is a sheer treat to be with. You might be curious about how to make a moody Cancer man enamored by you when you're pulled to his endearing demeanor. Well, it will require more than a few lovely dates. 

If you’re infatuated with him, you might make a Cancer man obsessed with you in the following ways.

1.   Ensnare His Mind With Your Mysterious Ways

One of the best things you can do to draw him in is to have a good heart. Every man with Cancer needs a powerful lady. You must be able to maintain your composure and exert control by keeping aloof from him. But even when he is probing, keep things mysterious; he will treat you with respect and be obsessed with you.


2.   Display Generosity Of Spirit

Women who accomplish good things for others and themselves are adored by cancer guys. A man with Cancer wants to be treated with respect and care. Going out of your way to accommodate his needs or being there for him is a quality he will admire the most in you.


3.   Show Him That You Put Your Faith In Him

More than anything, men with the sign of the Capricorn value loyalty and faithfulness. They will go over and beyond to express their love and devotion for you and your relationship. A Cancer man seeks a partner who will stick with him no matter what.

4.   Beguile His Senses

Make sure you pay attention to him while he speaks. Don't cut the Cancer man off when he is speaking. Instead, use your instincts to make an educated assumption and then keep asking questions until you're all he thinks about.

5.   Ask For His Advice

Try to comprehend his perspective and how he interprets events in his life. Men with the Cancer sign adore those who value their opinions. Even if they have different opinions from yours, you should still respect them and ask for their advice to flatter them.

Ways To Make A Cancer Man Obsessed With You

6.   Don’t Conceal Your Mistakes

Be sincere, but in your manner. If they are confident in their crush’s love, they will always be willing to let go and forgive any mistakes you make.

7.   Avoid Drama And Impress Them With Your Professionalism

Cancer men are delicate beings who detest those who are careless with small particulars or don't give everything they try their all. Avoid conflict if at all possible because they detest disputing.

8.   Don’t Be Clingy

They dislike people who do not seem to have a life of their own and instead are intrusive in the Cancerian’s life. So, do not rely on him constantly and develop a series of interests in your own life that intrigue him. 

9.   Do Not Bend Over Backwards For Him

Let's say you're making an effort to win his favor or alter your behavior to get his approval. He will be even more offended by this because it will be evident. Try being genuine rather than acting fake.

10. Be Open About Your Dating History


Men born under the star sign cancer desire an emotional connection and a confidant with whom they can discuss any topic, including personal problems. They are not vapid individuals. Don't keep anything from him, and openly discuss your dating history.

Making your Cancer man feel obsessed with you is not difficult. If you're trustworthy, dependable and encourage him in all of his pursuits, then this man will follow you to the ends of the earth.

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