Anupamaa Written Update, Feb 24: Anupama bashes Aadya for her rude behavior

In today's episode of Anupamaa, Anupama successfully saves Aadya from goons. Later, Aadya’s disrespectful words make Anupama angry.

Published on Feb 24, 2024  |  03:36 PM IST |  63.2K
Anupamaa stars Rupali Ganguly in titular role
Anupamaa stars Rupali Ganguly in titular role (PC: Star Plus’ Youtube channel)

Anupamaa, February 24, 2024 episode: The episode begins with Anupama rescuing Aadya. She asks Aadya not to be scared as she is with her. Aadya holds her hand and both of them walk together. Anuj receives a shocking message. He informs Shruti about the same. 

Vikram gives a list of stuff to Yashdeep. Anupama brings Aadya to the restaurant. Yashdeep inquires about what happened. Anupama shares the entire incident. Vikram thanks god as Anupama reached on time. Anuj is relieved after learning that Anupama saved Aadya and she is in a safe space now. He leaves for the cafe with Shruti.

Anupama’s constant care towards Aadya irritates her. She asks Anupama not to call her choti again and again. Yashdeep tries to handle the situation but Aadya starts blaming Anupama for her ordeal.  She says that their life was going smoothly until Anupama entered and made Anuj part ways with Shruti.  

Aadya accuses Anupama of being selfish. She says only God knows what Anupama wants- first, she left them for Shahs and then left them too. Aadya says that Anupama is just making Anuj dance to her tunes. Anupama bursts into anger. She tells Aadya that she knows she is sad, but that doesn’t give her the license to misbehave. Anupama says she is not a punching bag or doormat where she can rub her dirty shoes. 

Anuj is stuck in traffic. He and Shruti worry about Aadya misbehaving with Anupama. Anupama scolds Aadya badly for running away from her home. Anupama tells Aadya that she has never differentiated between her children. She asserts that she is not going to tolerate such behavior of Aadya towards her. Anupama says that she came to the US to find a job and not them. She states that she is not interested in Anuj, Shruti, or Aadya. 


Anuj and Shruti reach the restaurant. Anupama asks them to take their daughter and explain to Aadya that she is not coming in between them. She asks them to make her understand not to put her life in danger again. Aadya hugs Shruti. Anuj notices Anupama getting emotional. He leaves with Aadya and Shruti. The episode ends here. 

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