Anupamaa Written Update, Feb 23: Aadhya runs away from her house and lands in trouble; find out who rescues her

In today's (February 23) episode of Anupamaa, Aadhya escapes from her house silently as she is upset with Anuj but lands in danger. Meanwhile, goons threaten Kinjal and Anupama.

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Anupamaa Written Update, February 23, 2024 episode
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Anupamaa Written Update, February 23, 2024 episode: Anupama and Kinjal worry as the goons are in the house. Anupama firmly asks the goons to leave the house and Kinjal tells them that she will call the police if they do not leave. The goons then threaten Anupama and Kinjal regarding Toshu. 

When they mention that he is not home, the goons then warn Anupama and Kinjal to tell Toshu to return their money. The goons flash a gun while demanding their money back. Anupama requests them to leave as Toshu is not home. The goons then break a vase to scare them and leave. Kinjal, Anupama, and Pari are terrified. 

Anuj discovers Aadhya is missing:

Anuj reaches Aadhya's room to convince her and asks her to open the door. He knocks on the door continuously and asks Aadhya to open it. When she doesn't open it, Anuj tries to break in but is unable to do it. Anuj then worries as Aadhya is not opening the door. He panics while searching for the key to her room. When he finds the key to his room, he unlocks the door.

After entering, Anuj discovers that Aadhya left the house through the window of her room. He then breaks down and calls Shruti to inform her about Aadhya being missing. Shruti worries thinking about Aadhya and asks Anuj to calm down. Anuj pleads to Shruti for help in searching for Aadhya. Shruti explains to Anuj that Aadhya is just upset and she must have gone out but hasn't left the house.


Anuj cries worrying about Aadhya and asks Shruti to call her friends and look for her. He mentions how he can't live without Aadhya and panics. After the call, Anuj guesses whether Aadhya has gone to Anupama or not.

Kinjal tries calling Toshu but he doesn't answer. Anupama gets a call from an unknown number. She answers and realizes it is Anuj. Anuj informs Anupama about Aadhya being missing from the house and running away from her window. Anupama is in shock to hear this. She asks Anuj what happened. Anuj mentions that Aadhya discovered about him and Shruti meeting her and thus she was upset. 

Anuj then informs Anupama that he is stepping out to search for Aadhya and asks her to inform him if she learns about Aadhya. After the call, Anupama breaks down. She informs Kinjal about Aadhya running away from the house as Shruti left the house. Kinjal consoles her.

Meanwhile, Aadhya is alone and fumes with anger thinking about how Anuj still loves Anupama and how Shruti left them. Suddenly a stranger arrives.

Titu expresses his wish to be a son to Vanraj:

Vanraj fumes with anger thinking how Titu is behind Dimpy and now Pakhi. He then thinks that Titu has some agenda against him. Kavya then bursts the bubble and tells Vanraj that Titu only craves family love and that is the reason he comes to their house. Kavya thinks about telling Vanraj about Titu and Dimpy's relationship but then she decides not to tell him. 

Kavya assures Vanraj that she will speak to Titu and asks him not to come to their house. She meets Titu and informs him how Pakhi wants to marry him. Titu then refuses saying that he only loved Dimpy and never gave wrong signals to Pakhi that would make her think about their marriage. Titu mentions that Pakhi doesn't exist for him. 

Titu confides in Kavya and reveals how he is deeply in love with Dimpy despite staying away from her. He explains to Kavya how he never got a chance to talk to Vanraj. He shares that he is even ready to live with them after marrying Dimpy. Titu tells Kavya that he is ready to hear the taunts from society but wants to live with Shah's family because even he wants a family. 


Titu mentions how he wants to be a son to Vanraj and wants to take responsibility of the Shah family. Kavya assures Titu that his marriage with Dimpy is possible only if Dimpy tells Vanraj. Titu tells Kavya that Dimpy will never tell Vanraj this but he will still wait for her. 

Anupama rescues Aadhya:

A stranger approaches Aadhya even though she asks him to go away. She then pushes the stranger away and runs. The stranger chases her and runs behind Aadhya. Aadhya finds herself in trouble when she finds no way to run further. Anuj asks Shruti for Aadhya's update but she informs him that she is going to Aadhya's friend's house. 

Aadhya hides behind the dustbins as she tries to stay safe from the stranger. The stranger looks for Aadhya in the garbage and she gets scared. Aadhya finds a chance and tries to run away but the stranger locates her.  Aadhya tries to run away but falls down. The stranger comes close to her and Aadhya is petrified. She yells 'mummy'

On the other hand, Kinjal sits with Pari and a hockey stick in order to be safe from the goons. Pari and Kinjal worry about Aadhya. Anupama arrives for Aadhya's rescue. Anupama hits the stranger with a rod and he runs away. Aadhya breaks down and hugs Anupama. Anupama consoles her. Anupama then asks her to come with her as she hears someone walking towards them. The episode ends.

Disclaimer: This episode was watched on Hotstar. 

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